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Screen mirror all of your devices with Ditto

Wirelessly mirror Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook and Android devices. Send audio, video and other content. Learn how.

Ditto Cross-platform


Advanced screen mirroring features

Ditto takes screen mirroring to the next level. It makes presenting secure and simple,
and it allows you to emphasize the most important content on your screen.


“Ditto is a perfect solution for conference rooms with minimal IT support. Apple TV + Wifi + Ditto = almost universal connectivity to your conference room flat screen. Nicely done, Ditto!”



How does Ditto stack up?

We compiled the pros and cons of screen mirroring solutions like Airtame, Mersive Solstice Pods, Kramer VIA GO, Zoom Rooms and more. Get the facts and find our which solution is best for your organization.

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