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Screen Mirroring and Digital Signage Technology in Education

Students chatting with Ditto digital signage running on a TV behind them

Ditto transforms any display into a dynamic learning resource.

Bring wireless content sharing and digital signage to the places you need it most — in class and around campus. Boost classroom collaboration, student engagement and information sharing at your K12 school or university.

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Increase student collaboration and engagement

Students using Ditto to collaborate wirelessly in a higher-ed classroom

Share notes, presentations and projects

Wirelessly share Chromebook, Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android devices to classroom TVs or digital whiteboards. Perfect for bring your own device (BYOD) environments.

Students using Ditto on a tablet to share wirelessly during class

Mirror to multiple classroom displays

Quickly share your devices to multiple screens during class, school assemblies and events so everyone can see shared content.

Students screen mirroring from a computer to a larger display in a classroom

Display multiple devices to the big screen

Compare and contrast student work or collaborate on a group project in real time with multi-device screen mirroring.

Ditto Director app

Moderate classroom collaboration

Use the Ditto Director app on iPhone or iPad to allow or deny connections and disconnect mirrored devices when needed. Learn More.

Using annotations to add notes and drawings on a Windows computer

Annotate shared content

Add notes, shapes and drawings to mirrored content to highlight a key concept or point students to a specific part of your screen. Annotations are a great way to emphasize your message and improve learning retention.

Learn more about Ditto annotations.

MacBook Pro screen mirroring to TV

Ditto screen mirroring is the best AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast alternative. See why it’s a must-have EdTech tool.

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Educate and inform

Ditto digital signage running on a TV in a school hallway

Share campus news and information with digital signage

Keep students, staff and visitors informed by posting safety protocols, upcoming events, student-focused information and more.

Keep school safe

Quickly share emergency information on your displays in times of need. Integrate Ditto with alert systems or send your own custom alerts.

Digital signage in a school

Ditto digital signage on a large display in school

Display wayfinding signs

Let visitors know where to go with digital building directories and wayfinding signage.

Make announcements

Use digital signage technology in the classroom to post class schedules, exam reminders, events and student spotlights.

Ditto digital signage on a classroom TV

Digital signage on a screen in an empty classroom

Empower educators

Give educators the ability to create and manage digital signage for their own classrooms if needed. 

Easy-to-create signage

Signage creation is fast and easy with customizable templates, media uploads and webpage URLs. You can even create and publish signage directly from Canva. 




Various types of digital signage running on multiple screens

Discover everything you can do to make the most out of your school displays with Ditto digital signage.

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"Ditto gave us the most reliable connection, and it was the easiest way for users to get in and get set up."


Wake Forest logo

“Ditto gave us the most reliable connection, and it was the easiest way for users to get in and get set up.”

- Preston N.

Upper Arlington Schools logo

“Ditto digital signage is so immediate. The teachers love the weather slides and use them to determine if they should go outside for recess.”

- Rich S.

University of Illinois logo

“What drew me to Ditto is how it provided a simple, common interface for existing hardware.”

- Neil F.

Pedare logo

"We have images of students who have done great work on screens in common areas to recognize their efforts. It gives encouragement and builds a sense of community."

- Peter C.

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“Students in the learning centers are able to share screens at their individual pods of students. That really makes it a versatile experience for the students and staff.”

- Michael W.

Save time and money

Ditto in a college classroom

Screen mirror in seconds

Empower educators and students to instantly share their device screens to the big screen with on-screen codes and automatic pairing.

Ditto app on a tablet

Reduce IT help requests

A simple connection process makes it easy for every student and teacher to wirelessly share content from their devices.

Ditto on an interactive whiteboard

Utilize existing classroom hardware

Ditto runs on common classroom technology like Apple TVs and Windows devices connected to digital whiteboards and other displays.

Ditto Account Portal

Scale digital signage and screen mirroring across campus

Manage digital signs across schools and campuses without ever leaving your desk. Deploy Ditto software with Jamf Pro, Jamf School or Cisco Meraki. Set signage schedules, view usage stats and more in the Ditto Account Portal. Assign admin roles to others for localized management.

Stay secure

Security icon

Enterprise-grade security

Ditto keeps sensitive data away from the wrong people. Learn how you can securely share content with peace of mind.

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Works on restrictive school networks

Ditto can cross subnets and traverse restrictive or isolated networks, and it works with corporate proxies. Multicast, Bonjour and mDNS are not required.

How it works

Presenting wirelessly with Ditto is easy. Students, educators and visitors instantly mirror their devices to the big screen simply by entering the on-screen room code into the Ditto Connect app on their device. Digital signage is on display when and where you need it, and it’s managed entirely from the Ditto account portal.

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Ditto Connect application window


Get the best screen mirroring and digital signage education software for K12 and higher ed.