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Present Wirelessly in Schools and Universities

Ditto brings simple and wireless device presentation capabilities to K-12 and higher education institutions. Educators and students using Ditto can display their device screens to the big screen without cables, video adapters or special hardware. The result is one consistent and easy-to-use solution for the entire school.

Educators and Students

If an educator wants to present a lesson or give instruction using supporting materials on a computer, they no longer need to be anchored to a projector or interactive whiteboard.

Ditto allows the teacher to present wirelessly from anywhere in the room. Students can present their work to the rest of the class from their seats or from the front of the room.

Ditto adds mobility, saves valuable class time and makes presenting easy for everyone.

Additional Staff

Advancement, admissions, financial aid, human resources, facilities management and student affairs are just a few of the non-academic offices operating at a typical university.

Ditto offers an effortless way for anyone to mirror screens and content during meetings, presentations and events.

How It Works

How It Works

Rooms with a compatible receiver are assigned a unique Ditto code. Students, educators and staff in the room can automatically mirror their computer, phone and tablet screens to the big screen by simply entering the unique room code into Ditto.

Learn How Ditto Works
Mixed-device environments

Education environments contain a wide range of Mac and Windows computers, and an even wider range of phones and tablets. This often creates compatibility issues for users trying to share content with adapters, cords and software. Ditto is a cross-platform solution that is ideal for screen mirroring in mixed-device environments. It gives users a simple and cohesive way to present.

Secure screen mirroring

Ditto uses a direct connection between the sender and the receiver and doesn't transmit screen content or other personal data across the internet. Security options on supported receivers work as they would with any other device asking to mirror content.

Works with any network

Issues arising from complicated and restrictive school networks are a thing of the past. Ditto works across subnets and doesn't require Bonjour or other network discovery services.

Works with common receivers

Schools are complex technology ecosystems. That's why we made Ditto work with common hardware already deployed in schools and universities.

“Our staff now has a reliable wireless mirroring service and a significant amount of teaching time as been reclaimed.”

JANET WILSON ICT Desktop and Server Administrator

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