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Really Simple Screen Mirroring

Ditto connects anyone to the big screen in seconds. Just enter a room code and start sharing to the big screen without wires, dongles or adapters. 

Enter Room Code
To share your screen to the big screen, navigate to connect.goditto.com and enter the unique code for the room you wish to present in.
Select Mode

A quick, one-time download appears on your computer. Open the app and you'll see two options. 

Share Your Entire Screen
Share a Specific Application
Mobile Pro Tip

Pro tip:

Android, Chromebook, iPhone and iPad users can share screens too! Just visit connect.goditto.com and enter a room code.

The Administrator Experience

Set up rooms, mass deploy, customize and more, all remotely for your entire organization. Rooms and receivers only need to be configured once. Users can connect an unlimited number of times without help from admins.

What You Need

All you need is a Ditto subscription, a compatible receiver and a network connection.
That's it. No cables, no dongles, no hassles. It really is that easy.