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Easy-to-Manage Screen Mirroring for Your Business

Ditto allows employees and visitors to wirelessly and instantly mirror their computer, phone or tablet screens to TVs and projectors. Internal meetings, client meetings and impromptu brainstorm sessions all benefit from the easy and consistent screen mirroring enabled by Ditto.

Consistent presenting for any size team

Consistent presenting for any size team

From product development and marketing to sales and support, businesses revolve around screens. Unfortunately, presenting content from those screens is often frustrating, time consuming or impossible. Cables disappear or break, wifi security prevents wireless mirroring, computers don’t use the same adapters… the list goes on, and unproductive meetings run rampant.

Meeting spaces host many different people and devices. Diverse computer systems and meeting room utilities require a universal solution that, until now, didn’t exist. Employee or guest, Mac or PC, Android or iOS — Ditto lets anyone mirror their screen to a display equipped with a compatible receiver without adding any additional software or cables.

Enterprise Grade Security

Security is a serious concern for every business. From user credentials and credit card information to mirrored screen content, we know you’re serious about security. We are too.

Diverse Network Support

Ditto connects to receivers over wifi and requires an internet connection. Unlike traditional screen-mirroring technology, Ditto can cross subnets and traverse restrictive networks.

How It Works

How It Works

When your company signs up for Ditto, each conference room or meeting space with a compatible receiver is assigned a unique Ditto code. Whenever a meeting begins, anyone in the room can instantly mirror their computer, phone or tablet screen to the big screen simply by entering the unique room code into Ditto.

Learn How Ditto Works

“Ditto has been easily adopted by anybody who uses it regardless of technical background. You don’t have to be an IT professional to understand how to use it.”

DEAN WHEELER IT Project Manager

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