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People meeting in a conference room while sharing wirelessly from two computers to a large TV screen

From the conference room to the classroom, the ability to seamlessly collaborate in group settings is critical.

A study revealed that 53 percent of business and IT leaders believe collaboration has a positive and tangible impact on their organization. The study indicates that increased collaboration leads to greater innovation, performance and culture. It maximizes learning outcomes in the classroom and improves the bottom line in the workplace. 

Ditto joins multi-display and multi-device screen mirroring to instantly create a perfect collaborative environment. Wirelessly share content to a larger display without cables and adapters. View what’s being shared in perfect clarity. Do it all with Ditto. 

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What is multi-display mirroring? 

If you are in a space with multiple displays, you can simultaneously mirror your computer, phone or tablet screen to all of them using Ditto.  

A tablet mirroring to two TV screens

Benefits of multi-display mirroring 

Sending your screen to every display in a space makes it easier for all occupants to see what you’re sharing. If you’re in an auditorium, gymnasium or any room that hosts gatherings of 10 or more people, multi-display mirroring makes it easier for everyone to view your shared content. Mirroring technology like Ditto allows you to make use of all your screens for optimal viewing. 

Ditto multi-display mirroring accommodates complex AV requirements. It’s compatible with a wide range of devices, and since it's wireless, you don’t need to spend time finding the right cables or adapters for each display. Simply enter a room code into the Ditto app and your device will automatically mirror to the displays in your space.

Ditto makes it easy to dictate what’s on every screen right from your device. If you’re sharing your phone or tablet screen with Ditto, you’re free to walk around the room unhindered by cables as you share. This boosts engagement and face-to-face collaboration.

More reasons multi-display mirroring with Ditto is great for collaboration:

  • It saves time and minimizes interruptions by allowing users to quickly connect to all displays.
  • It eliminates confusing cables and adapters to simplify the connection process
  • It accommodates guests and BYOD environments so anyone can share their screen to every display in seconds

What is multi-device mirroring? 

You can mirror up to four computers, phones or tablets to the same display at the same time. Mirror any combination of devices. Ditto will automatically choose the best layout for all connected devices on the screen.

People collaborating wirelessly in a conference room

Benefits of multi-device mirroring 

If you want to see graphics, spreadsheets, documents or other content side-by-side, multi-device mirroring is a great option. Instead of crowding around multiple devices or taking turns sharing, everyone can share their content to the big screen at the same time right from their seats. Analyze, compare and make edits in real time, together. Collaborators can see everything happening on one big screen.

It is more important than ever to minimize the number of shared touchpoints in schools and workplaces to reduce germ spread. People should avoid frequently touching shared cables, adapters, computers and any other hardware. Multi-device mirroring with Ditto provides a safe way to collaborate and requires everyone to touch only their own devices. This also allows collaborators to maintain a safe social distance while still seeing everyone’s screens.

By mirroring multiple devices to one display, you can:

  • Showcase work from multiple people on the big screen at the same time 
  • Compare and contrast deliverables
  • Share a presentation and related graphics side-by-side
  • Discuss and make edits in real time in a collaborative environment

Save time and maximize collaboration 

If you value your time (and your personal space), Ditto screen mirroring is for you. Quickly utilize all your screen space and reach everyone in the room with multi-display mirroring. Easily work together on the big screen with multi-device mirroring.  

Ditto is an easy way to boost collaboration in any environment.  

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Last updated 7/2/2021

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