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Ditto vs. Airtame

Which is Better for Screen Mirroring and Digital Signage?

Ditto logo and Airtame device side by side

This article breaks down the key differences between Ditto and Airtame 2. Use it to determine which screen mirroring and digital signage solution is best for your organization.

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Key Points

  • Ditto is a software solution that uses Apple TV or Windows devices as receivers; Airtame is a hardware solution that uses a proprietary HDMI receiver.
  • Airtame uses native protocols like AirPlay and Cast to establish connections — Bonjour and Multicast network traffic must be enabled; Ditto uses a proprietary protocol to connect directly to receiver hardware and does not require Bonjour or Multicast 
  • Ditto costs $175 per year for full functionality; Airtame costs $599 and requires an additional subscription service costing $120 per year for full functionality 
  • Ditto and Airtame support cross-platform screen mirroring, but there are key differences in how end users share their device screens using these solutions; Ditto users share via the Ditto Connect app or webpage; Airtame uses native mirroring and streaming protocols, which creates a different connection process and feature set for different device types

Ditto vs. Airtame Feature Comparison

Features, pricing and more Ditto Airtame 2
Mirror Apple, Windows, Android and Chrome devices
Mirror screens, windows and apps
Moderator controls*
Remote management
Digital signage**
Canva signage integration
On-screen emergency alerts***
Extended desktop
Mirror to multiple displays
Share multiple devices to one display
Works with restrictive and complex networks
Customer support specialists
MDM compatibility (Jamf, Cisco, Meraki, etc)
Cost $99-$175 $599

*Airtame Cloud ($144/device/year) is required for moderator controls on Airtame. The Airtame moderator feature can disconnect devices but does not prevent devices from connecting.

**Airtame Cloud is required for full digital signage capabilities on Airtame.
***Airtame requires a subscription to a separate digital signage service — Rise Vision — to get emergency alert functionality. 

How Ditto and Airtame Work

Ditto users wirelessly mirror their devices to an Apple TV or Windows device running Ditto receiver software. The Apple TV/Windows receiver is connected to a TV, projector or interactive display via an HDMI cable. Each Ditto receiver displays a unique room code. Users connect to Ditto by entering the room code into the Ditto Connect app or Ditto Connect webpage..

Screen mirroring with Ditto Connect and Ditto receiver

Additionally, the Ditto receiver software displays digital signage on connected screens. A Ditto-enabled display can be set up for screen mirroring, digital signage or both. Learn more about how Ditto works.

Airtame users wirelessly mirror their devices to the Airtame receiver using native mirroring protocols like AirPlay and Cast. The Airtame receiver is connected to a TV, projector or interactive display via the HDMI port. Airtame receivers broadcast signals to user devices. This requires Bonjour and Multicast traffic enabled on an organization's network. Some organizations will not enable this traffic for network security and performance reasons.

There are numerous ways to share depending on the device type or an organization's Airtame settings. Airtame connection methods include pairing codes, screen names, web browsers, Miracast, AirPlay, Google Cast and IP addresses. This requires supporting materials and end-user education for multiple connection processes. 

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Digital Signage

Ditto offers customizable digital signage templates, the ability to upload media files and integration with Canva for digital signage creation. Airtame primarily utilizes third-party services for signage creation. Both solutions offer remote signage scheduling and management

Total Cost - First Year

Ditto offers three subscription plans — Basic, Premium and Elite — ranging from $99-$175. A Ditto receiver such as Apple TV costs $150 if needed. Airtame 2 costs $599 (plus $25 shipping) and offers a subscription plan that's required for full functionality starting at $120 per device per year. Airtame additionally recommends purchasing a PoE adapter for $130 per device.

  • Ditto: $99-$325: Price range for the Ditto subscription and a Ditto receiver (Apple TV)
  • Airtame: $624-$898: Price range for the Airtame device, software subscription, PoE adapter and shipping cost

Last updated 3/19/2024

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