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5 Clever Ways to Use Digital Signage in the Classroom


Digital signage is a sneaky-good way to boost instructional strategies and experiment with new educational technology methods in the classroom. Digital signage may not be top-of-mind when it comes to EdTech tools, but using engaging digital signage on your classroom displays will improve how educators deliver information to students.

If you’re curious about how and why you should use digital signage on your classroom screens, you're in the right place. 

For more crystal-clear knowledge about digital signage and how anyone can use it, check out this guide about digital signage basics. 

What do you need for digital signage in your classroom? 

Screen(s): You’ll need some type of display in your classroom to show digital signage, like a TV, monitor or other digital display board. 

Digital signage solution: There are many options for digital signage hardware or software. Digital signage software often runs on devices you already have in the classroom, like Apple TVs or Windows devices that are connected to your classroom displays. 

Questions to consider: Is the solution compatible with my existing hardware? What signage features does it offer? These are questions your IT admin will want to answer before investing in digital signage. Don’t worry, we’ll name a solution later in this article that works with devices many classrooms already use. 

Content: You’ll need to figure out what you want to display on your screen. See below for some ideas on how you can use digital signage to keep your students informed, educated and interested. 

Ways to use digital signage in K12 education 

Digital signage is a highly visible, ever-present method of informing and engaging students. Here’s why digital signage is a valuable EdTech tool for any classroom.

Assignment instructions

Digital signage can be used as instructional software in the classroom. Share instructions for an assignment or activity on your classroom display to avoid answering the same questions repeatedly. Digital signage helps you save time and go green by eliminating printed materials. Show writing prompts, math problems, grammar exercises, group assignments and more.

K12 class schedule digital signage

Display the daily schedule

Is there an early dismissal or school assembly? Let students know what to expect each day by using signage to share the school schedule or classroom agenda. We can’t guarantee students will stop asking what time lunch is, but now you can just point to your classroom screen.

class schedule signage

Make announcements 

Keep students up to date with important announcements or reminders. Let them know about upcoming spirit days, parent-teacher conferences, field trips and other school events. Digital signage offers visual student reminders for exams, homework and project due dates. 

K12 field trip digital signage

Recognize achievements 

Did a student win a contest or award? Do you want to highlight this achievement? Use digital signage to display student spotlights. Use digital signage as a student of the month bulletin board alternative. This is a great way to motivate students and recognize them for their hard work. 

K12 student spotlight digital signage

Showcase student work

Use digital signage to highlight student projects on the big screen. Whether it’s for an open house or just for the class to see, showing recent artwork, science projects or other achievements can be a fun way to make students feel proud of their work. 

student showcase signage


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Benefits of digital signage in schools 

Using digital signage as part of classroom instruction offers many benefits.

Digital signage can:
  • Enhance educational content and offer new ways to learn
  • Increase classroom collaboration during assignments and activities
  • Maximize the way existing digital displays in your school are used
  • Encourage a sense of community in the classroom
  • Provide visual announcements and reminders as an alternative to paper handouts
  • Go green — using digital signage is a great way to cut paper waste
  • Inform parents and visitors about the class during school events

How to get the most out of your digital signage

With the right digital signage tool, you can easily create informative content for any class. Ditto is an all-in-one digital signage and wireless screen mirroring software solution that runs on devices commonly found in classrooms, like Apple TVs and Windows devices.

Use Ditto as a classroom digital signage solution to: 

  • Create signage lists: Easily plan and organize digital signage content for classroom lessons and activities using lists. Lists allow you to create a number of signage assets that rotate on the same classroom display. 
  • Set-and-forget: Schedule dates and times for digital signage to display on screens.
  • Use digital signage templates: If you don’t want to spend time designing and uploading your own content, you can choose from a number of pre-designed customizable signage templates.
  • Push emergency alerts: Digital signage can be used to send alerts to every digital signage-enabled display in your school in the event of an emergency.
  • Screen mirror: Ditto doubles as a wireless screen mirroring solution. Seamlessly switch from digital signage to screen mirroring when the class needs to wirelessly share content from a device to the big screen. This is another really simple way to boost classroom collaboration.
Ditto screen mirroring works with popular devices like iPads, iPhones, Chromebooks, Mac, Windows PCs and Android phones and tablets. Learn more about screen mirroring.

K12 classroom digital signage and screen mirroring gif

Digital signage is the next great transformative EdTech tool in the classroom. Try digital signage in your class or school to improve outcomes during lessons, group activities, games, reminders and more. 

Try digital signage free

Looking for a cost-effective digital signage solution? One that’s easy to deploy and accessible via a web-based content management system? Try Ditto free for 30 days.  

K12 education pricing is available. Contact us for details. 

Are you a teacher? 

You may need to contact your school’s IT administrator or technology department about deploying digital signage depending on your school’s technology onboarding and purchasing processes. 

Updated on 12/13/21

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