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Ditto Pricing


$14.99 per receiver/month
$99.00 per receiver/year

Get started with screen mirroring and digital signage.

Number of Receivers
45% OFF
Total Price
Receiver limit reached
  • Basic details:
  • 1 Ditto Account Portal administrator
  • 5-receiver limit (priced per receiver)
  • 5 signage items
  • Unlimited screen mirroring for everyone


$19.99 per receiver/month
$150.00 per receiver/year

Get more features and screens to boost content sharing.

Number of Receivers
37% OFF
Total Price
Receiver limit reached
  • Premium details:
  • 5 Ditto Account Portal administrators
  • 75-receiver limit (priced per receiver)
  • 100 signage items
  • Unlimited screen mirroring for everyone


$25.99 per receiver/month
$175.00 per receiver/year

Get everything you'll ever need.

Number of Receivers
44% OFF
Total Price
  • Elite details:
  • 50 Ditto Account Portal administrators
  • Unlimited receivers (priced per receiver)
  • 500 signage items
  • Unlimited screen mirroring for everyone
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Competitor Pricing

Ditto Logo Ditto Airtame hardware Airtame Kramer VIA Go hardware Kramer VIA Go Mersive Solstice hardware Mersive Solstice ScreenBeam hardware ScreenBeam 1100 Plus ClickShare hardware ClickShare C-10
One-year cost $150 $525 - $775¹ $600 - $2295² $1418 - $1698³ $1199 $1450
Three-year cost $450 $525 - $1015¹ $600 - $2995² $1418 - $2258³ $1199 $1450

¹ Min costs do not include full digital signage
² Max cost required for easy centralized management
³ Max price required for hardware updates

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Ditto receiver? How many do I need?

    • Compatible Ditto receivers include Apple TV and Windows computers. These are the devices you connect to while mirroring as well as the devices that display your digital signage. They run Ditto receiver software and are connected to a larger display, such as a TV, interactive whiteboard, projector, etc.

      When calculating how much you will spend on Ditto, only consider the number of receivers you want Ditto receiver software on and the plan you choose. For example, if you want mirroring or signage on 10 TVs, displays, interactive whiteboards, projectors, etc. throughout your organization, you will purchase 10 Ditto receiver subscriptions.

      That's it! You do not need to purchase anything for the devices you want to share from. Your Ditto subscription amount is only dependent on your receiver total and the plan you choose. You will then be able to display signage and mirror an unlimited number of devices to those receiver-connected screens.

      Note that we do not sell receiver hardware (Apple TV, Windows devices) or the devices users mirror from (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Android). Ditto is a screen mirroring and digital signage software solution that runs on those popular devices.
  • Is the annual subscription discounted?

    • Yes, you save significantly when you select an annual subscription. Use the toggle above to compare annual and monthly pricing.
  • Do you offer refunds?

    • Refunds are not offered after purchase, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you will not be charged again after your current annual or monthly subscription period ends. After cancelling, you will be able to use Ditto until your subscription period ends.
  • Do you offer multi-year Ditto subscriptions?

    • We do offer multi-year Ditto subscriptions to make it easier for you to plan budgets and utilize available funds at the right time. Contact our sales team to discuss multi-year subscriptions.
  • Do you offer product support?

    • Absolutely! Product support is included with every Ditto subscription. Support offerings vary depending on which plan you select.
  • Can I pay via purchase order?

    • You may pay with a purchase order for annual subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions cannot be paid with a purchase order. Contact our sales team for more information.
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“Ditto gave us the most reliable connection and the easiest way for users to get set up.”

- Preston N.

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“We love the performance, ease of use and simple functionality. We bought Ditto for digital signage, but we love that we can use one solution for signage and screen mirroring.”

- Robert W.

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“Setup takes minutes and installation takes seconds. Everything works seamlessly and easily. We've never had an issue with anyone not being able to connect.”

- Christopher O.

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“The software works brilliantly! It’s better than the other solutions we’re using.”

- Ivan V.

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“The greatest benefit has been the time and frustration saved by simplifying screen sharing."

- Johnathan F.