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Full Screen and Specific-App Screen Mirroring

Ditto allows users to choose whether they want to present their entire computer screen or a specific application that’s open on their computer. This feature introduces two important screen mirroring benefits: the ability to keep background screen content private and the ability to highlight the most important content.


Present with Privacy

Mirroring a specific application, such as PowerPoint or Safari, instead of an entire screen ensures that coworkers, students and audiences don’t see personal or confidential information from other open applications. Message alerts from services such as Slack, Skype and email clients will not appear on screen when mirroring in app-specific mode.

Ditto allows users to present with the confidence that their audience will see everything they’re supposed to see… and nothing more.


Present with Purpose

Have a t-shirt design mocked up in Adobe Photoshop? How about financial reports in Microsoft Excel or a slideshow in PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote? The specific-app mirroring feature in Ditto Connect for macOS and Windows keeps the focus on what’s important and eliminates on-screen distractions.

Learn more about how Ditto works.

Learn more about how Ditto works.

How Ditto Works