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Digital Signage Templates

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Ditto makes digital signage easy with a library of professionally designed, customizable templates.

Display weather forecasts, menus, directories, wayfinding, events, company updates and more with ease on any screen. No special design skills are required.


Pick your digital signage template

Click the templates for an expanded view. Try Ditto digital signage free for 30 days to use these templates on your screens today.
URL digital signage template
Web URL signage
Display a static image of a URL to display intranets, internal charts, graphs, websites and more.
Weather Digital Signage
Weather signage
Show today's weather or a three-day forecast.
weather-1 weather-2
Media digital signage
Media signage
Upload your own picture and video files to display as signage on your screens.
Employee spotlight digital signage template
Spotlight signage
Highlight a team member, customer, student, donor or community member.
Learn more about using digitial signage in your offices.
Feature Digital Signage
Feature signage
Promote events, products, sales and more.
Learn more about digital signage in retail spaces.
feature-1 feature-2
Menu signage
Display the list of items on your menu or highlight a specific item for your menu.
Learn more about digital signage in the food service industry.
Wayfinding Digital Signage
Wayfinding signage
Share directions to a specific location within a building or display a directory of the building and rooms.
wayfinding-2 directory
Health and Safety Digital Signage
Health and Wellness signage
Display health and safety announcements, requirements and protocols for your space.
covid-1 covid-2 covid-3 covid-4
Informational Digital Signage
Informational signage
Provide important or relevant information to everyone in your space with large headlines, details and images.
Learn more about digital signage in educational environments.
informational-1 informational-2 informational-3