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Customize Your Ditto Connect Page

Customize Ditto to align with your organization’s branding and create a seamless screen-mirroring experience for your users.

Custom Room Codes

Create your own unique Ditto room codes to make them easier for students, employees and guests to remember. What are Ditto room codes?

Custom Branding

Upload a logo and background image to the Ditto connect page so users are greeted with familiar branding instead of the generic Ditto connect page.

Custom Message

Insert a custom message on the connect page to deliver Ditto connection instructions or other messaging.

Custom URL

Ditto provides each organization with a custom Ditto connect page URL that contains all branding and customization preferences.

Pair your branded connect page with a domain alias like ditto.yoursite.com for an even more immersive experience and easier access.

Watch this video to learn how to customize your Ditto screen-mirroring experience.

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