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Case Study

NOVALOGIQ Uses Ditto as Wireless HDMI Alternative in Conference Rooms

NOVALOGIQ needed conference room technology that would allow its clients and visitors to easily and quickly share presentations from Mac and Windows computers. After testing multiple wireless HDMI solutions, the company determined that Ditto provided the most consistent and reliable screen mirroring experience.

The Search for a Conference Room Presentation Solution

NOVALOGIQ had a cluster of cables and adapters taking up space on its conference room table. The items were used for the sole purpose of connecting computers to the big screen during meetings and presentations. However, visiting clients often found that the ports on their devices were incompatible with the HDMI and DVI adapters in NOVALOGIQ’s conference room.

NOVALOGIQ General Manager Carlos Castillo grew weary of the inconveniences and derailed client meetings caused by incompatible cords and adapters in his company’s conference rooms. Troubleshooting how to connect guest computers often resulted in up to 10 minutes of wasted meeting time.

“It was always a mess because we didn’t have the right adapters for their computers,” Castillo said. “We had several cables but sometimes none of them worked.”

Castillo began his search for a wireless HDMI alternative that would work for both Mac and Windows users.

NOVALOGIQ tested the AirTame HDMI hardware receiver to determine if it was a viable solution, but the results were ultimately unsatisfactory.

“AirTame was too slow,” Castillo said. “It failed the first time we tried to use it for a presentation. We had to connect the cables again. We spent money on something that didn’t work.”

Discovering Ditto: A Wireless HDMI Alternative

NOVALOGIQ continued its search for a reliable wireless presentation solution and came across the Ditto screen mirroring software.

It took only a few minutes to set up NOVALOGIQ’s Ditto account. Castillo discovered that in addition to being easy to set up, Ditto saved a considerable amount of time during meetings and worked well.

NOVALOGIQ employees and visitors were able to wirelessly and reliably share various media, software programs such as the Microsoft Office suite and more during conference room presentations.

“I took all of the cables off of the conference table,” Castillo said. “They’re in a box on the bookshelf now, and nobody uses them.”

NOVALOGIQ determined that it did not need to test any other presentation solutions. Ditto accomplished the company’s goals.

"We use Ditto 100 percent of the time for our meetings. We are so happy with the solution. The HDMI cables are in a box on the bookshelf now, and nobody uses them."

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Carlos Castillo General Manager

Large-Scale Ditto Deployment Planned

NOVALOGIQ decreased the amount of time it takes to set up presentations during meetings by more than 90 percent and impressed clients with the technology.

“Ditto is fast and easy to use,” Castillo said. “We went from spending 10 minutes connecting cables for a presentation to only seconds, totally wirelessly. Several of our customers tried Ditto here and liked it so much that they put it in their offices as well.”

People sharing content wirelessly during a meeting

The company plans to add more Ditto-enabled conference rooms as it expands to more locations in 2018.

“We use Ditto 100 percent of the time for our meetings,” Castillo said. “We are so happy with the solution.”

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