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Annotate PDFs, Images and Screens with Ditto

Annotate to collaborate better together

Take screen mirroring to the next level with annotations. The Ditto Connect app makes it easy to mark up, draw on and annotate the content you share to larger screens during meetings, classes and presentations. 

Annotate mirrored content to deliver focused and easy-to-follow collaboration experiences. Spark thoughtful dialogue and improve information retention among your audience. 

Ditto Annotation Tools

Use the Ditto annotation toolbar to annotate articles, apps, pictures, documents and more while wirelessly screen sharing. 


Draw an arrow over your shared content to direct viewers to a specific point on your screen.



Draw a straight line on your shared content to underline a key point or strike an element.



Use the freehand tool to make a series of custom annotation edits or write notes over your shared content.


Line Width

Edit the line thickness of your annotations to make the markups more or less noticeable on the screen.


Draw rectangles or ovals to highlight and emphasize a key point for your audience.


Change annotation colors to improve markup visibility on PDFs, photos, designs, notes and more.


Make markups disappear after 10 seconds or keep them on your screen as long as needed while presenting. 


Remove annotations from your screen when you no longer needed them.


Remove markups in reverse order of the way you added them to get rid of unintended or unneeded annotations.

Get Ditto. Start annotating.

Use Ditto to wirelessly share and annotate content on larger screens. It’s a better way to present to peers, students and audiences in real time.

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