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UNLIMITED MIRRORING Once a conference room, classroom or meeting space is registered, anyone can mirror their computer screen to the big screen at any time.

EASY MIRRORING After entering a unique room code, users can only mirror to the receiver located in the room they’re in.

WIRELESS Leave cables behind. Ditto works without wires.


MIRROR SCREENS Mirror your entire computer display so the whole room can get the picture.

MIRROR APPS Mirror a specific computer application to the big screen while you continue to work in others.

CUSTOM BRANDING Match your Ditto screen mirroring experience to your organization’s brand.


INSTALLATION-FREE Apps run from anywhere on a computer and don’t require installation.

LICENSE KEY FREE No end-user keys are required. Ever.

SIMPLE SETUP Add receivers with the easy-to-use setup tool or use the online portal.


SECURE A number of security options make Ditto a safe way to mirror screens.

EASY-TO-READ ROOM IDS Forget random numbers and letters. Ditto uses easy-to-read phrases to uniquely identify rooms.

SELF-HOSTED MIRRORING Save bandwidth and add security by optionally hosting Ditto apps on your own servers.


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MIRROR TO: Apple TV, Chromecast & Reflector-enabled devices


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