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Understanding Ditto: Getting Started

Ditto is a diverse screen-sharing solution that is designed to work for everyone. It makes screen sharing simple, intuitive and unlimited for the end user. This document explains the setup process required from administrators.

Understanding Ditto: The Ditto Application

There are two ways to connect with Ditto, a temporary download or an installable application. This document explains which scenario is best for you and how to use the Ditto application in each.

Understanding Ditto: Technical Requirements

Ditto is a diverse screen-mirroring solution that works across multiple platforms. This document explains network and platform-specific requirements needed for the best Ditto experience.

Understanding Ditto: In-Room Security Options

Ditto is a multi-platform screen-mirroring solution for anyone. It’s designed to work in small-team environments and scale across enterprises. Anywhere the application goes, Ditto’s encrypted security protocols come with it. This document explains Ditto security options for available receivers.

Case Studies

Wake Forest Cuts the Cord with Wireless Screen Sharing Technology

Wake Forest University understands the short life span of cables and adapters. With Ditto wireless presentation software installed throughout campus, those unreliable connectors are one step closer to extinction.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Finds Wireless Presentation Technology to Replace HDMI and VGA in College of Engineering

The project seemed simple: Find a new way to present device screens on campus. But the details made it interesting. Did a completely wireless, reasonably priced, manageable and consistent presentation technology exist? This is the story of how the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign replaced a 30-year-old presentation and collaboration standard in its College of Engineering.

Mount St Benedict College Connects Windows Devices to Apple TV with Ditto

Mount St Benedict College needed a stable, easy-to-use and consistent way for teachers and students to wirelessly display Windows devices in classrooms. HMDI cables limited teacher mobility, and wireless technology was often inconsistent. Ditto, a cross-platform screen-mirroring software, provided the stability, simplicity and compatibility needed in a wireless solution.

College of Charleston Connects Windows Devices to Apple TVs with Ditto

The College of Charleston needed technology that would allow faculty and students to wirelessly display content from both Windows and Apple devices. Wireless engineering manager, Jason Trinklein, tested a number of AirPlay and Cast receivers. The receivers were expensive, and tests produced poor screen refresh rates, pixelation issues and audiovisual synchronization problems. Trinklein then tested Ditto, a cloud-based screen-mirroring software and discovered it was the best technology for the College of Charleston.

North American Beverage Group Replaces Conference Room Cables and Adapters with Ditto

A leading North American beverage producer needed wireless technology to replace the cables and adapters in its conference rooms. IT Project Manager Dean Wheeler spearheaded the company’s quick transition to the Ditto screen-mirroring software. Ditto resolved compatibility issues and inefficiencies caused by wires and adapters and created a user-friendly, wireless meeting environment in company offices.

NOVALOGIQ Uses Ditto as Wireless HDMI Alternative in Conference Rooms

NOVALOGIQ needed conference room technology that would allow its clients and visitors to easily and quickly share presentations from Mac and Windows computers. After testing multiple wireless HDMI solutions, the company determined that Ditto provided the most consistent and reliable screen-mirroring experience.


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When choosing wireless presentation solutions, who should you go with? This article breaks down the differences between Ditto and Kramer VIA GO.

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Ditto or wePresent? See how these two presentation solutions measure up so you can choose what's best for your organization.

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How does Barco ClickShare compare to Ditto, and what makes them different? This article will help you decide what’s best for your organization.

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What is Screen Mirroring?

Screen-mirroring technology allows a phone, tablet or computer screen to wirelessly appear on another device screen. Screen mirroring is frequently used during meetings, presentations and lectures to easily display relevant content to others in the room.

Ditto vs. Airtame — Which is Better for Screen Mirroring?

What’s the difference between Ditto and Airtame? We compared both solutions to help you decide which is better for screen mirroring in both schools and businesses.

7 Reasons You Should Look for Wireless Alternatives to HDMI Cables

There are many wireless presentation alternatives for schools and businesses looking to get rid of restrictive and clunky HDMI cables. This is a brief summary of the most popular wireless alternatives to help you decide which is right for you.


Is there a discount for paying annually?

Is there a discount for paying annually?

Yes! The monthly cost of Ditto is $15.99 for each room. An annual subscription costs $149.99/year for each room. You save $41.89 per year per room with an annual subscription.

If paying by purchase order, only the annual subscription is available.

Can I start with a monthly plan and change to an annual subscription?

Can I start with a monthly plan and change to an annual subscription?

Absolutely! This can be changed in the Billing section of the administrative portal. Once you make the change, you will be charged the annual subscription fee on your next renewal date. 

How do I renew a subscription?

How do I renew a subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew with the credit card on file. If the credit card is no longer valid, you will receive an email that your credentials need to be updated.

If paying by PO, you need to send a PO to renew your account. You will receive a reminder email stating when your subscription is about to expire. 

How can I edit my Ditto subscription?

How can I edit my Ditto subscription?

If you need to add more rooms to your Ditto account, you’ll receive a prompt letting you know the prorated amount that will be charged. Any additional rooms are charged at a prorated amount to ensure the account has one renewal date for all rooms. Billing details can be accessed by logging in to the administrative portal and clicking on the Billing option.

Is there a refund if I cancel my subscription early?

Is there a refund if I cancel my subscription early?

There is no refund when you cancel your subscription before the expiration date. You’ll have access to the program through the end of your subscription and will not be charged again at renewal.