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Digital Signage and Screen Mirroring for Retail

Digital sign in a retail store

Nurture retail customers, boost recognition and increase sales with Ditto

Display attention-grabbing digital signage on screens in shop fronts, dealerships and retail businesses. Then improve face-to-face customer interaction with screen mirroring: Show custom styles, fits, designs and plans from any app or device to a larger and more immersive display.

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Increase sales

Digital sign promoting a clothing sale

Easily display seasonal items and products

Feature new items and promote inventory turnover with digital signage.

Digital sign announcing a store sale

Promote sales, deals and discounts

Easily create visually appealing advertisements that encourage urgency and prioritize current deals.

Digital signage for a BOGO sale

Cross-sell and upsell more

Display merchandise, promote related products and tell customers exactly what they need to know to purchase more.

Digital signage for social media in a store

Ditto takes retail sales and signage technology to the next level. Discover all the digital signage features that save you time and money.

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Engage customers

Digital signage directing customers to leave a review

Get noticed online

Promote the online presence of your brick-and-mortar locations on your shop TVs. Encourage customers to leave great ratings, give five-star reviews and shop online.

Leverage lines and wait times

Use digital signage in the lobby, windows and other strategic locations to keep customers focused on your products and filter traffic to the point of purchase.

Digital signage on a TV in a boutique



Create signage with ease

You don’t have to be a design pro to create signage that pops. Edit our signage templates, add your own image and video files, or use Canva to create digital signage. Signage creation is better with Ditto. 


Make your store client-ready

Wirelessly share what’s on your computer or tablet when you’re presenting client designs and customer ideas with Ditto screen mirroring.

Wirelessly sharing an iPad screen to a TV in a store

Custom-designed clothing styles

Show your customers that perfect outfit for their upcoming event without hovering over a tiny tablet or computer screen.

Screen mirroring in a car dealership

Drive home that car sale

Place your prospect’s dream car on the big screen to show them up front and personal what life is like after purchasing from your car dealership.

Screen mirroring interior design layouts in front of clients

Bring the house of their dreams to the big screen

Easily present custom furniture designs and home renovation layouts from your small computer screen to large high-res displays.

MacBook mirrored on a TV

Harness the power of screen mirroring to customize the customer experience.

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Quickly scale digital signage across store locations

Signage icon

Quickly create signage

Easily add digital signage to scheduled playlists across multiple screens and shop locations. Share the right content at the right time.

Ditto management icon

Manage in one place

Update and manage all digital signage without leaving your office using the web-based Ditto content management system.

Get the best digital menu signage and screen mirroring for any retail space.

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