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Learn how to screen mirror iPhone and iPad along with all the best mirroring tips and tricks in this ultimate guide. Updated for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, this article shows you how to share your screen during virtual meetings, screen mirror AR and VR gameplay, show on-screen taps and narrate voiceovers when you record your iPhone and iPad screen.

AirPlay to Mac and the Reflector screen mirroring app are two great ways to wirelessly display Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac on Mac computers. There are some key differences between them that are critical to consider when evaluating these solutions. See which screen mirroring receiver technology is best for you. 

What's the difference between Reflector and AirServer? We have all the details on the best screen mirroring receiver software for a number of applications and devices. Get everything you need to know here.

Case Studies

Health Sciences High and Middle College wanted to ensure success when transitioning to blended learning. Learn how Reflector created a sense of community in the classroom, provided greater access to mobile devices and increased teacher face time.

STEAM instructor Delilah Rodriguez teaches more than 500 students each school year. She needed to find a way to optimize her instruction time. Reflector saved her time and allowed her to easily see what’s on every student’s screen.

Urbana City Schools revamped its campus and technology options to create more flexible and less restrictive classrooms. Discover how Reflector helped the school district cut costs and increase collaboration.

Math teacher Kyle Pearce wanted to incorporate iPads into his classroom but using AirPlay and his Apple TV proved to be confusing and time-consuming. Kyle replaced his Apple TV with Reflector, saving money and class time.

Charles R. Bugg Magnet Elementary needed a cost-effective EdTech solution that wouldn’t become obsolete in a few years. Learn how Reflector increased mobile connectivity and saved the district millions of dollars.