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macOS and Windows Features

Mirror icon Screen Mirror

Wirelessly mirror one or more devices of any type to your computer.

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Recording icon Record

Record any mirrored device. Add voiceover audio and customize recording when needed.
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Device control icon Device Control

Emphasize, hide or show devices and select device frames all from one central location.
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Security icon Security

Prevent unwanted connections and restrict access to only those who should be mirroring.
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Streaming icon Stream

Stream home videos or movies to Reflector, or share photos on a larger screen.
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Other Notable Features

AirPlay icon AirPlay

Reflector can receive AirPlay mirroring connections from Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Miracast icon Miracast

Connect Windows devices with built-in Miracast to Reflector. Compatible with Reflector for Windows only.

Google Cast icon Google Cast

Reflector effortlessly receives Chromebook, Android, and Chrome browser tab screen mirroring and streaming connections using Google Cast.

Audio streaming icon Audio-Only Streaming

Reflector can act as an audio-only receiver. Stream your favorite music to a computer connected to larger speakers.

Multiple devices icon Connect Multiple Devices

Devices with built-in AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast can connect to Reflector simultaneously.

Device frames icon Device Frames

Choose device frames to make your mirrored screen look like your real device, or choose a different frame to test a new look.

Full-Screen Mode icon Full-Screen Mode

Eliminate distractions from other applications or desktop items and choose background colors or images to go along with mirrored screens.

AirParrot icon Compatible with AirParrot

Add AirParrot to your device and connect to Reflector for even more advanced screen mirroring options.

Connection prompts icon Connection Prompts

Choose to allow or deny a device connection before it’s shown on your screen.

“The fact that no other apps or peripherals are required — you can get started with just a simple app install — makes this a painlessly simple way to significantly expand the functionality of your mobile and desktop computers by allowing them to interact.”

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