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Mac and Windows screen mirroring

Ditto gives employees, guests or students one consistent way to wirelessly present their computer screens to any Apple TV or Chromecast-equipped display. Windows users can finally screen mirror to Apple TV. Mac users can mirror to Chromecast. And vice versa.

Consistent Connecting

Presenting with Ditto brings a level of consistency that’s impossible to achieve with cables, adapters and other hardware solutions. Connection confusion, conference room clutter and misplaced adapters will feel like a distant memory.

Ditto simplifies screen mirroring for everyone because it works the same way for both Mac and Windows users. To wirelessly present, a user visits the Ditto connection page and enters the room code. Apple TV or Chromecast, Mac or Windows—it doesn’t matter.

Consistent Connecting
AirPlay and Google Cast mirroring

Did You Know?

In addition to compatibility with a wider range of receivers, Ditto is faster than native AirPlay and Google Cast mirroring, and it gives users the option to mirror a specific application instead of their entire screen. Learn more about how Ditto works.