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SMB Solutions

Share wirelessly in the places you meet

Your meeting spaces host the employees, clients and guests who give your company life. We provide the easy-to-use, reliable screen mirroring technology they need to wirelessly collaborate, share and present. It's that simple.

Highly compatible

Our technology works with the devices that power the workforce.


Squirrels screen sharing technology is made to work in any meeting space, from large conference rooms to little huddle spaces and everything in between.


Squirrels tech is made with simplicity in mind. That makes user adoption a breeze.

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All-in-one screen mirroring and digital signage tech for your spaces. Ditto is priced per receiver, making it ideal for places where many need to share information.

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AirParrot 3

More powerful than AirPlay or Google Cast. This screen mirroring software adds advanced screen-sending capabilities to Mac and Windows. AirParrot is priced per user.

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Reflector 4

More powerful than AirPlay or Google Cast. This screen mirroring software adds advanced screen-receiving capabilities to your devices.

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Join others using Squirrels technology

Driving collaboration in 100,000+ organizations globally.

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Ditto screen mirroring is used in small- and medium-sized businesses.

NOVALOGIQ Uses Ditto as a Wireless HDMI Alternative

After testing multiple wireless HDMI solutions, NOVALOGIQ determined that Ditto provided the most consistent and reliable screen-mirroring experience in conference rooms.

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What customers are saying

"I found that the cross-platform functionality of Ditto was the biggest sell and advantage of the software. The ease of use is great for users of any skill range/role."

- G2 Reviewer

"Screen sharing for external (non-employee) users/devices was always difficult. Ditto enabled us to offer a simple, streamlined, zero-effort screen-sharing experience with external users."

- Manager of Information Technology

"We no longer need multiple cables or adapters in each of our rooms that eventually break or walk away."

- G2 Reviewer

"We’re a predominantly macOS and iOS group, but we have visitors very regularly who use Windows and other systems. Instead of fishing for cables and sharing laptops/files, we have instructions for connecting to Ditto posted. The greatest benefit has been the time and frustration saved by simplifying screen sharing."

- G2 Reviewer

"I love that we are not having to rush around (trying) to find HDMI cables (and adapters) just to have a meeting."

- Administrator