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K12 Solutions

Learn and share wirelessly in any class

Better. Easier. Faster. Wireless screen sharing technology from Squirrels gives you everything you need to boost collaboration and engagement in class.

Cost effective

Screen sharing technology priced for restrictive school budgets. Talk to us about K12 pricing.

Highly compatible

Works with iOS, macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, Android and iPadOS.

Easy to use

Student attention spans are short. That's why Squirrels tech is built with simplicity in mind.

Our K12 Technology


An all-in-one screen mirroring and digital signage solution that keeps teachers and students engaged and informed.

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Reflector 4

More powerful than AirPlay or Google Cast. Wirelessly present and record one or more device screens to this screen mirroring receiver software in class.

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AirParrot 3

More powerful than AirPlay or Google Cast. This screen mirroring software adds advanced screen mirroring capabilities to Mac and Windows. Connect to Apple TV and other receivers wirelessly.

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Join other schools using Squirrels technology

Powering collaboration in over 100,000 classrooms worldwide.

District Finds Cost-Effective Chromebook Collaboration for New Schools

Urbana City School District deployed flexible, budget-friendly screen sharing technology instead of expensive interactive whiteboards.

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Mount St Benedict Connects Windows Devices to Apple TV with Ditto

Mount St Benedict needed a stable, easy-to-use and consistent way for teachers and students to wirelessly display Windows devices in classrooms.

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What customers are saying

"When teachers can walk around the classroom and wirelessly display what’s on the mobile device in their hands, that makes them more accessible to students. They’re not sitting behind a desk. It creates a sense of community in the classroom."

- Technology Coordinator, Health Sciences High

"Our teachers use [Squirrels technology] to display two, three or even four mobile devices onto the same screen. It allows the entire classroom to see different perspectives and converse about it. Students can take ownership and demonstrate what they know in front of the whole class."

- Technology coordinator, Health Sciences High

"This product worked well and the price was reasonable. The faculty who have used it like it better than the more expensive product that is used campus wide."

- Admin services coordinator

"We know mobility leads to better class management. [Squirrels technology] allows our educators to be mobile while they teach. As students get devices that can connect to [Squirrels technology], their engagement goes up. They love seeing their work projected and are blown away by the ability to see more than one peer’s work at a time."

- Directory of Technology Integration, Urbana City Schools