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Case Study

STEAM Educator Increases Classroom Instruction Time By 25% with Reflector


Delilah Rodriguez is a science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) instructor for first through fourth grade at Will Rogers Elementary in McAlester, Oklahoma. Her classroom is equipped with a teacher MacBook and a cart of iPads for students.



Student instruction time is Delilah’s biggest challenge as a STEAM instructor for four grades. She teaches more than 500 students each school year. This gives her just one 40-minute session with each class per week. She needed to find a way to optimize her limited instruction time.

Introducing iPads into her classroom didn’t help. In fact, they often decreased instruction time and presented mobility issues. When Delilah wanted to share a student’s work with the class, she had to walk that student’s iPad to her computer and connect it via cable. She also found that it was difficult to provide instruction to a roomful of students using iPads.

“I have up to 27 kids using iPads at the same time,” she said. “They don’t always touch the right button at the right time. I was stuck at my computer connected to the interactive whiteboard. I couldn’t tell what the students were doing with their iPads on the other side of the room.”


Delilah started using Reflector to wirelessly display her iPad onto her MacBook. Her MacBook is connected via cable to the interactive whiteboard. This allows Delilah to walk around the room and present to the class from her iPad.

“Mobility is the number one thing Reflector has brought to my classroom,” she said. “When I’m teaching students how to code with Sphero, I use Reflector to display code with my iPad on the board. I can be anywhere in the room using my iPad to show students what they need to do on their iPads. Before, I had to stand by my computer with my iPad plugged in.”

Delilah said that Reflector saves time when connecting and disconnecting student iPads to the interactive whiteboard. She estimates that using Reflector gives her 25% more instruction time when her class is working with technology.

“If I wanted to show the class what a student was doing on an iPad, I’d have to take time to get the iPad to my computer and plug it in with a cord,” she said. “Then I’d lose my students’ attention. With Reflector, students can wirelessly display their iPad from wherever they're sitting.

"Reflector helps me be in two places at once. I can be instructing students but helping another student at the same time."

STEAM Instructor


Reflector saves Delilah 10 minutes per class (25%) when using technology. That adds up to 360 minutes per year, or nine more sessions, with each class she teaches. Will Rogers Elementary purchased Reflector for the rest of the teachers in the school following Delilah’s success.

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