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Record iOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS, Android, Windows and Mac Screens

Using an iPhone in a tutorial that

Record any device that’s connected at up to 60 fps. Recording options make Reflector the only piece of software needed to create demo videos, walkthroughs and how-to tutorials. Include your voice in recordings, and add frames to the final product for a finished feel.

Voiceover icon Recording with Voiceover

Include audio from your computer’s microphone in recordings. Voiceover audio makes creating tutorials and instructional videos a breeze.

Multiple Devices icon Multiple Device Recording

Record multiple devices at the same time, and include them all in the same recording.

Device Frames icon Embed Frames

Include device frames in recordings for a polished look.

Webcam icon Webcam Video

Add webcam video to recordings for a personal touch and feel.

Store icon App Store Ready

Make recorded content App Store ready without using any other software.

Screenshot icon Screenshot

Take full-resolution device screenshots with the click of a button.

Recording settings icon Recording Options

Change the recording background color, quality, resolution and more.

Device Control icon

Device Control

Emphasize, hide or show devices and select device frames all from one central location. Read more.

Media streaming icon


Stream home videos or movies to Reflector, or share photos on a larger screen. Read more.