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Reflector Director


A Reflector 4 companion app for iPhone and iPad

Reflector Director allows presenters to manage Reflector 4 from an iPad or iPhone. Remotely emphasize a connected screen, change frames, see device previews and choose which screens are shown to your audience.

Reflector Director is ideal for classrooms, presentations and meetings. Bring remote mirroring management to the palm of your hand today.

Download Reflector Director in the App Store.

iPad and iPhone mirrored to a larger screen
The Reflector Director app on iPhone and iPad

Manage Connected Devices

Reflector Director lets you view and manage screens that are mirrored to Reflector 4: iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks, Mac, Windows and Android devices.

Show and Hide Devices

Hide connected devices without disconnecting them to place emphasis on other screens. Choose to show the screen again later without reconnecting the device.

An iPhone and iPad showing the connected devices list in the Reflector Director app
A tablet wirelessly mirrored to a larger screen

Emphasize Devices

Highlight one of your mirrored devices to spotlight important content or actions. Reflector Director easily brings screens to center stage for emphasis. Eliminate distractions by enabling full-screen mode. 

Change Frames

Elect to show or hide device frames, and choose the ones that fit student screens the best. 

Settings options in the Reflector Director app on an iPad
Screen previews of mirrored devices in the Reflector Director app

Screen Previews

Observe a preview of each connected device screen before sharing it to the primary display. Approve pending mirroring requests. 

Multiple mobile devices shown inside of an iPad using the Reflector Director app

In Education

Let students share content to the big screen while maintaining oversight with Reflector Director. Put specific screens in the spotlight to emphasize a point or hide screens that aren’t being used. The introduction of remote screen management in the classroom removes technology barriers and brings student content into focus.

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