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Squirrels Partner Program

Become a Squirrels partner to bring wireless audiovisual and digital signage tech to your customers. Establish recurring revenue streams with service packages built around remotely managed software.






Why partner with Squirrels?

Squirrels is a pioneer in wireless audio/video transmission and digital signage software. Years ago, the company shook the AV world with Reflector and AirParrot. Today, its enterprise class software as a service (SaaS) — Ditto — transforms screens into powerful meeting collaboration tools and engaging digital displays.

While many competitors are still in the proprietary hardware space, Squirrels is aligned with a market that is shifting toward flexible SaaS solutions.


Partner Benefits

  • Proven technology from an established company
  • Deal registration
  • Access to partner portal
  • Free software licenses
  • Assigned partner account manager
  • 90%+ renewal rate on SaaS solutions
  • Opportunity to build customizable solution packages
  • Authorized Squirrels partner logo and brand kit
  • Early access to product roadmaps
  • Discretionary access to cooperative marketing funds
  • Invitation to annual partner event
  • Thought leadership and content creation

Squirrels partners include:

  • Reseller partners: Managed service providers and audiovisual specialists that build solutions and services.
  • Referral partners: Companies or individuals who wish to recommend Squirrels technology to their network.
  • Distribution partners: Manages partners in a specific geographical region or industry and can add Squirrels technology to their solution portfolios.

Joining Squirrels as a partner:


Allows partners to present an innovative SaaS solution to their customers that is aligned with market trends


Offers enterprise-class screen sharing and digital signage software that is easy to use, enables partners to complete their solution footprint and solves complex AV requirements with ease


Makes customer sites easy to install, scale, remotely/centrally manage and allows partners to build monthly AV service packages


Creates new revenue streams and up-sell opportunity through a SaaS recurring revenue model that yields high retention rates

Squirrels AV solutions

Become a Squirrels Partner Today

Apply to take the next step toward becoming a Squirrels partner. A representative from the Squirrels team will contact you to discuss Squirrels, margins, benefits and partner program specifics.