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AirParrot 3 for Business


Presentations are a key part of the business world. Unfortunately, not all conference and meeting rooms are equipped with the adapters and cables needed to share screens. AirParrot makes searching for the right connector and finding the right input source a thing of the past.

Add wireless screen mirroring to computers, and make presenting easy and seamless. Everyone in the room can see your screen, and you’re not tied down with wires. AirParrot connects common devices and adds features that help you do your job better.

bluetooth Ready to Go

Bluetooth discovery* and Quick Connect® enable AirParrot to work with complex and restricted network configurations.

*Bluetooth discovery not available on Windows.

extend-desktop Do More

Desktop extension gives you more space to get your work done. Add a second screen to your desktop for more room and comfort.

app-mirroring Maintain Privacy

Keep your notifications and messy desktop private. Mirror a specific application while using others to keep sensitive content isolated.

multiple-destinations copy Include Everyone

Connect to multiple receivers, and make your presentations and other important content accessible to everyone.

pause Take a Minute

Need a break? Pause mirroring without disconnecting your devices, and quickly pick up where you left off.