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Choose Your Platform

Universal AirParrot Universal License works on macOS or Windows US$19.99 Select
Windows AirParrot Windows Only License works on Windows only US$15.99 Select
Mac@2x AirParrot Mac Only License works on macOS only US$15.99 Select

Getting Started with AirParrot 3

Step 1: Run the Installer

After downloading the AirParrot MSI file, double click it to begin the install process.


Step 2: Accept the EULA

By accepting the EULA, you agree to the terms and conditions presented. Click continue to move on.

AirParrot-3-Start-Windows-Step-2Step 3: Open AirParrot from the Start Menu

Locate AirParrot in the start menu, and click to open it. AirParrot can be controlled from its own window or from the system tray near your clock.


Step 4: Click "Allow" in Windows Firewall alert

AirParrot MUST be allowed through the Windows firewall. Please be sure to check both Private and Public networks.

Step 5: Open AirParrot and Begin Mirroring and Streaming

Launch AirParrot. Select the display or media you'd like to send. Then select a destination from the list. You can also change settings and perform other functions from this menu.



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