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Universal AirParrot Universal License works on macOS or Windows US$19.99 Select
Windows AirParrot Windows Only License works on Windows only US$15.99 Select
Mac@2x AirParrot Mac Only License works on macOS only US$15.99 Select

Getting Started with AirParrot 3

Step 1: Open the DMG and drag AirParrot to Applications

After opening the AirParrot DMG file, you will need to drag the AirParrot.app file into your computers /Applications folder. AirParrot MUST run from this directory to prevent issues when using the application.


Step 2: Open AirParrot from Applications

Double click the AirParrot file in your Applications folder to open it. You will not see any windows appear.

AirParrot-3-Start-Mac-Step-2Step 3: Click the AirParrot icon in the Menu Bar and select the device to mirror to

AirParrot runs from your menu bar near the clock. Connecting, disconnecting and all other functions can be performed by clicking the AirParrot icon near your clock. Select a device from the list to begin mirroring.



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