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Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that allows you to connect almost any combination of devices to your Windows computer at the same time. Each device mirrors in real time, and the layout automatically adjusts when new devices connect. Compare, compete or collaborate—Reflector presents and organizes multiple devices of any type with ease.

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Calling All Android Users

Android screen mirroring is here. Reflector is the first and only Chromecast receiver that receives Cast-enabled Android phones and tablets at the same time as iPhone and iPads. Most Android devices support Google Cast natively, but those that don’t can still mirror. The addition of the free Google Home application enables Android screen mirroring on most phones and tablets.

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Updated UI

Device Control

The Reflector 2 control center allows easy management of connected devices. Change frames, emphasize, hide or show devices all from one central location. The control center makes it easy for you to focus on what's important.

Smart Layouts

When multiple devices are connected, Reflector automatically chooses a layout that makes sense. Intelligent layouts minimize distractions and put emphasis on the screens being mirrored.

Emphasize Devices

Bring attention to the screen that matters most. Spotlight one screen when multiple devices are connected, and easily switch between which device is emphasized.


Choose device frames to make your mirrored screen look like your real device, or choose a different frame to test a new look. Using frames creates a polished and professional appearance.

Show & Hide Devices

Connected devices don’t need to be shown all the time. Easily hide a device without disconnecting it, and then show it again later without the need to reconnect the device.

Broadcast Live

Send your mirrored screens directly to YouTube with the click of a button and invite anyone to view in real time.

Full Screen Mode

Enable fullscreen mode to eliminate distractions from other applications or desktop items. Choose background colors or images to go along with mirrored screens.

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Real-Time Mirroring for Windows PC

Wirelessly mirror your iPhone to your PC at up to 60 fps. Reflector displays what’s in the palm of your hand on a bigger screen for others to see.

Android Mirroring with Google Cast

Reflector effortlessly receives Android screen mirroring and streaming connections. Use built-in Google Cast on your phone to enable screen mirroring, or use the Google Home application to begin mirroring. Reflector appears in the receiver list alongside any Chromecast™ devices that may also be nearby. Simply select your computer from the Cast receiver list and your Android device screen will begin mirroring!

iPad™, iPhone™ and iPod™ Mirroring with AirPlay™

Reflector can receive mirroring connections from iPads, iPhones and iPods. AirPlay mirroring is built in to almost all iOS™ devices, and it provides an easy way to connect to Reflector without wires or additional software. Reflector 2 now supports iOS 10 mirroring, so you can mirror new iPhone to any PC!

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Record Your Screens

Record any device that’s connected at up to 60 fps. A number of recording options make Reflector 2 the only piece of software needed to create demo videos, walkthroughs and tutorials. Include your voice in recordings, and add frames to the final product for a finished feel.

Recording with Voice-over

Include audio from your microphone in recordings. Voice-over audio makes creating tutorials and instructional videos a breeze.

YouTube Live Streaming

Stream device screens directly to YouTube in real time. Invite others to watch your screen from anywhere in the world.

Embed Frames

Include device frames in recordings for a polished look.

Webcam Video*

Add webcam video to recordings for a personal touch and feel.
*Not supported on Windows Vista

App Store Ready

Use video wirelessly recorded with Reflector 2 for App Store app video previews without using any other software.

Multiple Device Recording

Record multiple devices at the same time, and include them all in the same recording.

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Media Streaming to Reflector

Along with mirroring connections, Reflector 2 can also accept streaming connections. Stream home videos or movies to Reflector, or share photos on a larger screen. Reflector can also act as a wireless audio receiver that accepts audio only connections.

Stream Photos and Movies

Share videos, pictures and slideshows from your phone or tablet to Reflector.

Audio Only Streaming

Reflector can act as an audio-only receiver. Stream your favorite music to a computer connected to larger speakers.

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Security Options

Reflector 2 was designed with security in mind. A number of options prevent unwanted connections and restrict access to only those who should be mirroring.

Quick Connect®

Easily send computer screens to Reflector with Quick Connect Codes™. When connecting to Reflector with AirParrot®, simply enter the code displayed in the Quick Connect section.

On-Screen AirPlay Codes

On-screen codes require the connecting device to see the screen when connecting, so only those in the same area can connect.

Connection Prompts

Choose to allow or deny a device to connect before it’s shown. Save your preference for later, or be prompted every time.

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Reflector Director

Reflector Director® for iOS

Reflector Director is an iOS companion application that pairs with Reflector running on any computer. Use the app to wirelessly manage any connected Android or iOS devices.

Show and Hide Devices

Hide connected devices without disconnecting them to place emphasis on other screens. Choose to show the screen again later without needing to reconnect the device.

Emphasize Devices

Highlight one device to spotlight important content or action. Reflector Director easily brings screens to center stage for emphasis. Eliminate distractions by enabling fullscreen mode.

Change Frames

Elect to show or hide frames, and choose the ones that fit your screen the best.

Preview Screens

View screen snapshots before choosing to show a screen to a larger audience.

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Reflector Student

Reflector Student for iOS

Reflector Student is a free application that brings the teacher’s screen to the student’s desk and allows Reflector 2 connections on restricted networks. Rather than only displaying content on the classroom projector or SMART Board, teachers can also display that content on student smart phones and tablets.

View Any Device

Any device connected to Reflector 2 will be displayed in Reflector Student.

Auto Discover Available Computers

Connect to Reflector 2 using a list of available devices found over the network.

Use the Camera

Use the device camera to scan a QR code and connect. Simple and quick!

One-Time Pairing

Once paired, Reflector Student will remember the connection, automatically pair and add destinations to the AirPlay list if they’re available.

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