Reflector Director ®

Experience a new way to control Reflector.

The Reflector Director iOS companion application is designed to let presenters step away from their Mac or PC and continue to interact with audiences. Use Reflector Director to emphasize certain connected screens or choose which screens are being shown to the room. Reflector Director allows mirroring to become part of the environment, keeping the spotlight on the content that matters most.

Pair Reflector Director with any computer running Reflector, and enable remote display management.


Show and Hide Devices Hide connected devices without disconnecting them to place emphasis on other screens. Choose to show the screen again later without needing to reconnect the device.

Emphasize Devices Highlight one device to spotlight important content or action. Reflector Director easily brings screens to center stage for emphasis. Eliminate distractions by enabling fullscreen mode.

Change Frames Elect to show or hide frames, and choose the ones that fit your screen the best.


Screen Previews Observe a preview of each device screen as it displays on a larger screen, and approve pending mirroring requests right from the device.


In Education

Reflector Director is the ultimate teacher’s aid. In an environment where students use tablets, it’s a valuable tool that keeps everyone engaged. Teachers can separate from the computer while staying in control of what’s being shown at the front of the class. Reflector Director gives teachers the same control they would expect when tethered to a mouse and keyboard.

Let students take charge of the class while maintaining control and guiding the lesson. Reflector Director can put specific screens in the spotlight to emphasize a point or hide screens that aren’t being used. The introduction of remote screen management to the classroom removes technology barriers and brings student content into focus.

In Business

Distractions can be time consuming and costly. Reflector Director keeps focus on the content driving meetings and presentations. Allow multiple presenters and devices to connect simultaneously to Reflector, but keep control remotely from a paired iPad.

Control which devices are shown and how they’re presented. Hide, show or change frames and emphasize devices without ever touching the computer running Reflector. Any device that’s connected can be managed with Reflector Director.