iOS Screen Sharing in Online Tech Support with Slingshot

Online technical support doesn't have to be complicated. Slingshot allows agents to show iPad and iPhone screens in real time, which makes working with customers more personal and time efficient. Demonstrating a solution has never been easier.

iOS screen sharing benefits online technical support centers in many ways:

  • Dynamic Demonstration – Slingshot makes collaborating with customers engaging and interactive. Giving customers a visual and audio demonstration in real time creates the ultimate customer service experience.
  • Desktop Mirroring - Share your desktop for quick resolutions or share an individual application to focus a session and add privacy.
  • Cross Platform – Because Slingshot is cross platform, you can share your iOS screen to anyone in your session, whether they're using an iOS or Android device, Mac or Windows. Today's popular devices are supported, so everyone is included!
  • Multiple Users – With the ability to demonstrate to multiple people at the same time, tech support agents can streamline their work and use their time effectively.

Sharing Your Screen is Easy!

You can connect your iOS device to your Slingshot session in three easy steps. First, connect your device via AirPlay. Select your Slingshot session code from the AirPlay menu and then enter the four-digit AirPlay password. Once you turn mirroring on, your screen will appear in your Slingshot session.

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