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Senior Software Developer

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Squirrels is seeking a highly motivated and driven software developer possessing a solid programming fundamentals skill set. This fast-paced and challenging position will be responsible for immediately contributing to core Squirrels cross-platform product code. If you're the type of developer who primarily programs using C but are comfortable using whatever tool will get the job done, then this position is for you!

In this position, you will be developing high-performance audio/video/networking applications and libraries in an Agile, team-centric environment. From the start, you'll be expected to add new functionality for customers; improve performance of applications by utilizing audio and video encoders/decoders; improve core networking workflows; and expose new APIs. You will be responsible for ensuring code works across Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and across processor architectures like x86 and ARM.

You will be directly responsible for helping Squirrels shape the products we ship to our customers for the foreseeable future as well as challenging everyone in the office for Cruis'n USA supremacy.


  • Contribute to existing products by exposing new C API-level functionality to platform-specific clients and libraries
  • Improve stability and performance of core Squirrels technologies including audio and video encoder/decoder performance and networking performance
  • Contribute to existing products by working in C frameworks with platforms (Java JNI, Windows CLR and others when necessary)
  • Write unit tests for new functionality that is added to new core codebases and display a desire to "test early, test often"
  • Contribute functional tests where necessary to aid in improving our automated testing strategy


  • Very strong C development background with some Java experience
  • Comfort working in any operating environment such as Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android
  • A desire to work with a team to deliver software regularly and on schedule

Added Bonuses:

  • Experience with Objective-C or C#
  • Experience working with Git or other source control systems
  • A strong computer science background
  • A strong desire to learn new things and take on new and challenging opportunities
Job Status Full Time
Career Level Required Experienced (Non-Manager)
Education Required Bachelor's or relevant experience
Experience Required 4+ Years
Pay Salary - Commensurate
Location North Canton, OH

Squirrels is a software-development company that specializes in wireless audio and video transmission. Our technology is used worldwide in more than 100,000 classrooms and millions of homes and businesses. Popular products include Reflector, Ditto and AirParrot.

That’s just a quick overview. There’s so much more to know about Squirrels.