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Outbound Sales Internship

An outbound sales intern at Squirrels is responsible for assisting the sales team by performing administrative and entry-level duties to gain experience. The outbound sales intern will conduct research, make calls, send emails, update records, attend meetings and help maintain client relationships, among other tasks.

The internship is organized around a project. The goals and timeline of this project will shape the weekly tasks for the role. This project is important to the team and will have a lasting impact on the company. Come work with us to contribute to real change and growth!

What you'll gain:

  • Critical sales skills in opportunity identification, lead nurturing and setting appointments​​​​​
  • Experience working in a fast-paced software company 
  • Teamwork and communication skills by working with a variety of people and departments
  • Experience with enterprise tools (Outlook, Slack, macOS, phone systems)

Key tasks:

  • Building prospect lists within identified parameters
  • Learn and use Salesforce and perform basic data-entry and reporting
  • Use Microsoft Excel to organize and document project data
  • Customer interaction like prospecting, client check-ins and support follow-ups

Skills you will need to be successful:

  • Basic computer skills (typing, online research, document creation)
  • Professional writing and communication skills via email, phone and video
  • A passion for helping people and solving problems
  • A desire to learn and understand our products and their roles in the market

Majors aligned with this role:

  • Business Administration or Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology Systems

This internship can help you succeed in:

  • Sales
  • Administration and Management 
  • Business Intelligence 

Squirrels is a software-development company that specializes in wireless audio and video transmission. Our technology is used worldwide in more than 100,000 classrooms and millions of homes and businesses. Popular products include Reflector, Ditto and AirParrot.

That’s just a quick overview. There’s so much more to know about Squirrels and our internship programs.