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Understanding Ditto:

Getting Started

About Ditto

Ditto is a diverse screen-sharing solution that is designed to work for everyone. It makes screen sharing simple, intuitive and unlimited for the end user. This document explains the setup process required from administrators.

The Trial

Every new Ditto account starts with a 30-day trial. The trial is fully functional and enables every feature. During the trial, administrators can register any number of rooms without being charged. At the end of the trial, unwanted rooms should be removed before proceeding to purchase.

Feel free to request a demo or ask any questions at any time during the trial or during your subscription. Simply contact support@goditto.com or your Ditto sales representative.

Step 1 - Add Rooms to Ditto

Step one and step two are interchangeable, but often times beginning with step one is more efficient. 

Adding rooms to a Ditto account first allows linking a receiver to a room immediately when it's created or paired. An unlimited number of rooms (and receivers) can be added during the Ditto trial.

To begin, visit the Rooms section of the Ditto account portal and click "New Room." At this point, a room name is the only required information. Keep it simple and descriptive: "Conference Room," "Reception," or "Creative Office." This room name is displayed to users.

This screen also allows adding a room to a location or room groups for easier management. 

Step 2 - Add Receivers to Ditto

There are several ways to add new receivers to Ditto. Option A is recommended, and it's the easiest: pair a receiver to Ditto using a Ditto pairing code. Ditto pairing codes are available when pairing an Apple TV HD, an Apple TV 4K or a Ditto receiver on Windows. Use the Ditto configuration utility to add an Apple TV 2, an Apple TV 3 or a Chromecast. Receivers can also be configured by manually entering network information. 

Option A (recommended) - Ditto pairing code

The Ditto Receiver application presents a pairing code when it is first launched. This code can be entered at account.goditto.com/activate. Once entered, the receiver's information is automatically added to the Ditto account. It can then be added to a room you created in step one.

Option B - Ditto configuration utility

The configuration utility can be downloaded from the Ditto account portal. It is available for Mac, 32-bit Windows and 64-bit Windows. The configuration tool can add Apple TV 2, Apple TV 3 and Chromecast receivers to an account. It will not work with the Ditto Receiver applications.

Option C - Manual configuration

Configuring receivers manually is only recommended for experienced users. Using this method requires knowledge of computer networking and Ditto receivers. 

Step 3 – Customization

Ditto allows you to customize the screen-sharing experience for your employees and guests. Many items are customizable, and certain text areas can be changed, too. Do this through the My Organization section of the Ditto administration portal.

Pura Vida tvOS

Room codes

By default, Ditto assigns a unique, easy-to-read room code to every registered room. These codes are a random combination of common words:


Checking the “Use alphanumeric codes” box will assign all new rooms an alpha-numeric code instead of a combination of words:

9D3G7U     8A7H9U     1H5T3Y

Step 4 – In-Room Signage

Once all rooms are added, users need to know how to use the service. Connecting to a receiver with Ditto is easy, and it’s easily explained to anyone who wants to connect.

Visit connect.goditto.com > Enter room code > Connect

Ditto Receiver: tvOS (Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD) and Windows

The Ditto receiver application automatically displays connections instructions along with customized branding. Users will know how to connect immediately when entering a room. 

Printed in-room signage

If needed, you may print a sign for a room:

  1. Log in to the Ditto account portal
  2. Click the Rooms section at the left
  3. Select the desired room
  4. Click the Download Room Sign button
  5. Print the image that appears

That’s it! This easy-to-read sign provides clear and concise connection instructions.

Configure Apple TV 2/3 for conference room mode

Conference Room Display mode allows administrators to display instructions for connecting to the TV. Users will immediately know how to wirelessly connect their Mac or PC screen to the Apple TV.

Enable conference room display
  1. Make sure the Apple TV is up to date
  2. Go to Settings > AirPlay > Conference Room Display
  3. Select On

Once you’ve enabled this setting, you’ll need to follow a few more steps to set up the Apple TV as a digital sign with Ditto connection instructions.

To configure Conference Room Display mode for use with Ditto, follow these simple steps:

  1. On your Apple TV, go to Settings > AirPlay > Conference Room Display > Custom Message
  2. Enter message text that explains how a user connects their PC or Mac display with Ditto.

We recommend the following text:

Visit connect.goditto.com and enter [DITTO ROOM CODE] to wirelessly connect your Mac or PC screen to this display.

When the Apple TV is turned on or woken from sleep, the custom message text is displayed.

Configure a Chromecast background to display Ditto connection instructions

Automatically display Ditto connection instructions on a Chromecast instead of printing physical room signs. To connect with Ditto, users only need to read the on-screen instructions.

The background image needs to be saved before it can be applied to a Chromecast:

  1. Log in to the Ditto account portal
  2. Click the Rooms section at the left
  3. Select the desired room
  4. Click the Download Room Background button
  5. Save the image that appears

Note: Make sure you are logged into a Google account before proceeding.

Once the image is saved, add it to Google Photos. Create two new Google Photo albums for each Chromecast being set up:

  1. Visit the Google Photos website
  2. Upload the room background image
  3. Add the room image to two new albums. Create two albums that are named similarly to the room you’re setting up.

Two albums containing only the same Ditto background image are required for each room being configured. The albums must be empty of everything but this image. You need two photo albums because Chromecast automatically rotates between albums. If you don’t have these two albums selected, Chromecast will rotate between the other preset Google Photo albums.

Now that the background image is in two albums, configure the Chromecast to only use a specified image for a screensaver or background.

Set a new background image for use with a Chromecast and Ditto:

  1. First, download the Google Cast application on a phone or tablet. The app is available for Android and iOS, and it configures Chromecast options including the background and screensaver for.
  2. Once downloaded, connect a phone or tablet to the same Wifi network as the Chromecast being configured.
  3. The Google Cast app on iOS and Android works nearly the same for both platforms. Tap the “Devices” tab to be presented with a list of available devices on your network.
  4. At the top right of the Chromecast being configured, tap the three vertical dots to open a menu.
  5. Select “Backdrop Settings"
  6. Tap the Google Photos option.
  7. Enable this option.
  8. Select the image albums that match the room being setting up.
  9. Be sure to disable other backdrop options like “Art” and “Earth and Space”

The background image will now appear on the Chromecast. Perform these same steps for each Chromecast you would like to set up.


Users should now be able to connect to the new Ditto receivers by following the instructions on the in-room signage or digital displays.

Step 5 - Billing

Once you’re satisfied with your account and want to continue service, visit the Billing section of the Ditto account portal.

This section shows you the number of active rooms in your account and allows you to upgrade from your trial and begin a paid subscription.

Multiple billing options are available. You can opt to pay monthly or annually. Annual subscriptions receive a 20% discount applied immediately.

It’s possible to pay via credit card or with a PO. If you’re using a credit card, you can complete payment and begin using the paid service immediately. If you would like to use a PO, click the PO button. A sales representative will reach out to you to confirm details.

Ditto service is billed using a prorated model. If you ever need to add more rooms during your subscription, you will be charged a prorated amount immediately and the full amount on your account anniversary date. 

Note: You may create as many receivers and rooms in your account as you want. A subscription is only used when you pair a receiver and room. 

Step 6 - Users

Ditto allows for multiple account administrators. The Users section of the Ditto account portal allows you to add and remove account administrators.

Employees and other general end users do not need to be added as users. Access to this portal is only needed by people who will be managing your Ditto account. Once account setup is complete, anyone can share their screen with Ditto.

To add an account administrator:

  1. Log in to the Ditto account portal
  2. Click the menu drop down at the top right of your screen
  3. Select Users
  4. Click New User
  5. Enter the user’s information

Admin: This user type allows management of every aspect of Ditto.
Users: This user type has access to everything except billing.

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