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Using Ditto with Reflector®-Enabled Devices

Looking for a more robust and budget-friendly receiver than Apple TV or Chromecast? Ditto users can wirelessly connect to any device that’s equipped with Reflector software.

Reflector is an AirPlay and Google Cast receiver that runs on Mac and Windows computers, Android devices and Amazon Fire TV. Users can wirelessly display iOS, Android and Chromebook screens on any Reflector-enabled device.

Reflector + Ditto

Any device with Reflector can be registered as a Ditto receiver. Ditto users can screen mirror their AirPlay and Google Cast devices to Reflector-enabled devices.

If that device is connected to a conference room display or TV, it performs the same function as an Apple TV or Chromecast at a fraction of the cost.

Multiple-device Mirroring

Reflector-enabled devices can receive multiple AirPlay and Google Cast connections at once, so users can wirelessly display multiple devices on the same screen.

People in a collaborative setting use Ditto to mirror a Mac or Windows computer and then connect other iOS, Android or Chromebook devices directly to Reflector as needed.

How It Works

It's easy to add a Reflector-enabled device as a Ditto receiver. The process is similar to setting up Ditto with a Chromecast or Apple TV. To begin, be sure you’ve downloaded and installed the Reflector screen-mirroring receiver on your Mac or Windows computer.

Once installed, open Reflector. The computer will begin broadcasting as an available AirPlay and Cast receiver. Use the Ditto configuration utility to add the Reflector-enabled computer as a Ditto receiver. The configuration utility is the easiest way to add a Reflector-enabled computer to your Ditto account. Alternatively, you can manually add the computer as a Ditto receiver in the Ditto account portal.

Once the Reflector-enabled computer is added to Ditto, anyone can wirelessly share their Mac or Windows screen to the Reflector-enabled computer by visiting connect.goditto.com and entering the Ditto room code.

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