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Unlock Chromecast’s Potential with AirParrot 3


Chromecast is a Google Cast-ready streaming device with popularity rivaling streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku. With an extremely competitive price point, Chromecast paired with AirParrot is a budget-friendly option for those looking to have an Apple TV-like experience without the Apple TV-like price.

AirParrot enhances native Chromecast features and supports high-quality screen mirroring and streaming from your Mac or PC to your TV screen.

Chromecast Screen Mirroring

Using Chromecast alone, users are only able to mirror a specific tab from their Chrome browser. AirParrot removes these limitations and lets users mirror their entire Mac or Windows desktop to Chromecast! Mirror the entire screen or a specific application to Chromecast with AirParrot for a seamless experience that keeps you in charge.

You can also use AirParrot to mirror websites that are not supported by Google Cast. The video content on some websites cannot be streamed to Chromecast, from the Chrome browser or otherwise. With AirParrot, you can mirror these videos straight to your device, no matter the browser you’re using.

Chromecast Streaming

Stream video to Chromecast in a whole new way. Chromecast alone permits streaming from supported apps like Netflix, HBO GO and YouTube. AirParrot can stream any video file on your laptop straight to Chromecast. Never worry about content restrictions or format issues. Watch what you want, when you want!

You can also stream audio files to Chromecast. Stream from your favorite music sites such as Pandora and iHeart Radio, or choose music from your own library and listen to your favorite music on demand.

Check out our feature page to learn more about Chromecast screen mirroring and file streaming.