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AirParrot Reviews


"If you got a new Apple TV but you find native AirPlay mirroring in OS X too limited or you own a Windows or Chromebook machine, you may want to check out AirParrot 2. It’s the go-to app for all of your mirroring and streaming needs."

– AppleTVHacks

"AirParrot is a clever tool which makes it possible to stream whatever you see on your Mac or PC’s display to your Apple TV, wirelessly. A great way to watch movies that you have stored on your Mac on your larger TV screen? Maybe: there's audio streaming, overscan support ensures the image will fill your PC, and you can even minimise distractions by hiding the mouse cursor."

– PC Advisor

"If you've got an old Mac that isn't compatible with AirPlay but want to reap the benefits of mirroring your display to your TV, don’t throw your Mac away just yet – take a look at AirParrot 2."

– Gadget Daily