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How Stream to Apple TV from PC


Have you ever wanted to stream videos and music stored on your computer to your TV? AirParrot 3 allows you to do just that — stream Windows to Apple TV.

1. First, you’ll need to install AirParrot 3 on your PC.

To stream your PC to Apple TV, you’ll first need to install AirParrot 3. A fully functioning free trial is available before purchase.

Try AirParrot 3 for seven days, or if you’ve already purchased, you can download here.

Follow the on-screen instructions for installation, and once installed, launch the app.

2. Make sure your PC and your Apple TV are on the same network.

3. Open the AirParrot 3 menu.

The AirParrot 3 icon is near your system clock. You can usually find it at the bottom right of your desktop.

4. Select your media.

Find the media option and open a media file. AirParrot 3 is able to stream most windows files to Apple TV.

5. Select your Apple TV from the list.

AirParrot 3 will list all available destinations, including Chromecast, Reflector 4 and other Apple TVs.

6. You’re now streaming media from Windows to Apple TV!

AirParrot 3 also allows you to mirror any connected display or specific application. You can even stream to multiple destinations at once!