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Enhance Media Streaming Devices with AirParrot 3


Wireless streaming opened up a number of opportunities for content consumption. With an abundance of media streaming devices available, it’s easy to enjoy your favorite movies and music in your environment, on your time. AirParrot not only allows you to stream media, but enhances the entire experience by offering additional features not found natively on Mac and Windows.

Stream Movies

Media streaming is often a better alternative to mirroring an entire device screen when watching your favorite movie. Not only does streaming result in a higher quality experience, it allows you to continue using your device while watching.

AirParrot sends your movies and videos to Apple TV, Google Cast Ready Devices and software receivers like Reflector. Never worry about Netflix or Hulu having the movie you want. If it’s on your computer, you can beam it directly to your receiver! AirParrot handles different video formats and can stream in 5.1 surround sound to create your own home theater.

Stream Music

Connecting your computer to your speakers with hardware can be inconvenient and restricting. Wireless music streaming allows you to unplug your device and involve more than one speaker or receiver at a time.

Surround yourself with the music you love with AirParrot. Audio-only support lets you stream music files directly to AirPlay-enabled speakers as well as Google Cast for audio devices; no wires required. Multiple destination support lets you beam to multiple speakers at the same time so you can fill the house with your favorite tunes.

It's Easy to Stream

There are two ways to stream with AirParrot:

  1. Drag and drop.
    • In AirParrot, select the devices you want to stream to.
    • Find your media file on your computer.
    • Click and drag the file to the AirParrot icon to begin streaming.
  2. Open in AirParrot.
    • Open AirParrot and select the devices you want to stream to.
    • Scroll over "Media."
    • You can either choose recently streamed files or click "Open" to browse your media files.

AirParrot has everything you need to fill your environment with the media you love. Check out our features pages for more information.