Bring people closer together.

Share your screen to anyone, anywhere, wirelessly.

Sharing your screen doesn’t need to be complicated. Slingshot lets you share material from your phone, tablet or computer to anyone in a Slingshot session—regardless of the device they’re using. Share your screen directly, or share an individual application. Slingshot gives you the flexibility to present or share from anywhere.

Screen mirroring is only available on compatible devices. Mobile screen sharing requires a wireless connection to a computer running Slingshot.

Document sharing made simple.

Meetings revolve around documents and visual aids. A simple drag and drop securely shares a sales presentation, the latest numbers in a spreadsheet or an outline. Your file appears instantly in the session for others to review and download. Even share and view files with a tablet or phone.

Host a meeting from anywhere.

Slingshot was created with the mobile life in mind. Host, join and share from any platform—including phones and tablets! No one is left out because a device isn't compatible. Slingshot mobile apps were designed to start and keep sessions rolling. Stay in the loop and collaborate with your entire team from anywhere on any device!

App Sharing

Share your entire screen or mirror a specific application while continuing to use other applications. Only the selected application is viewable to others in the session.

HD Video Chat

Meet face-to-face with anyone in a session. Slingshot users can enable video chat on any device with a webcam—including mobile phones and tablets. Even share your screen while video conferencing.

Smart Layout

Slingshot has a smart layout engine that automatically arranges video feeds in a way that makes sense. For more control, drag, drop and resize feeds any way you want them.


Session Chat

Share a thought or ask a question without interrupting the speaker. Text chat allows collaboration to continue while one person is presenting to the rest of the team.

Live Meeting Notes

Keep track of sessions with live meeting notes. Meeting Minutes makes it easy for everyone in a session to stay connected and informed. Use it to track follow-up items, who attended a meeting or jot down ideas to review later.

Multiple Source Support

Select any webcam or microphone connected to your device. Slingshot sessions can stream five video sources at once. Even dial-in to the session if there’s no microphone available.

Quicklook Documents

Quickly preview shared documents from within Slingshot.

Feature only available on OS X

Notification Center Support

Receive session and chat notifications on OS X and iOS.

Feature only available on
OS X & iOS

Multiple Monitor Support

Share any display connected to your computer.

Invite Users

Invite users to a session via email, Facebook, Twitter or iMessage.

iMessage only available on
OS X & iOS

Security is our main priority. We use industry standard SSL protection for sessions to protect your sensitive information.

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