How To Record your iPod, iPad or iPhone screen with Reflector 2

Not only is Reflector 2 great for mirroring, it also enables audio and video recording of your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Capture your device screen with frames for a realistic feel, or record just the screen for a more direct approach. Anything you do on your iOS device can be recorded and saved for later viewing.

Recording can be used in several ways:

  • Walkthroughs, reviews, and tutorials - Recording your experience is the best way to help explain your thoughts. Instead of using a physical camera, Reflector records your iOS screen directly for a better experience.
  • Demonstrations and presentations - Demonstrating applications only needs to be done one time. Recording your demo is an easy way to save it for later distribution.
  • Log processes and progress - Record your screen for easy review of the steps you took to reach an idea or thought.
  • Gameplay for highlight reels - Playing iOS games is fun, but no one can see your screen. Connect to Reflector and record your iPhone, iPad or iPhone screen to share your success with others.

Our YouTube channel contains a number of videos using Reflector to record an iPhone or iPad screen. Don't just take our word for it.

How to Use Reflector as an iOS Screen Recorder

First, ensure that your device supports AirPlay by reviewing our list of iOS devices compatible with Reflector. Second, check the hardware and operating system of your Mac or PC. You can reference our Specs page or visit our Support portal if you have any questions.

Once Reflector is downloaded, connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the same wifi network as your computer. You should then be able to connect to Reflector as an AirPlay receiver with mirroring. To begin using Reflector as an iOS screen recorder, select Start Recording in the Device menu.