Reflector in the Classroom

Technology lets students take a hands-on approach to their education. Untether from the desk or podium, and display your Chromebook, iOS™ or Android™ screens wirelessly from anywhere in the classroom. Reflector is a budget friendly, easy-to-use solution that is revolutionizing the interactive classroom.


Connected Classroom Mirror multiple devices to Reflector to create a collaborative classroom. Project student screens without interrupting a presentation or work side-by-side in real time.

One-Stop Recording Use Reflector to record lessons for later. Voice-over audio personalizes recordings and adds the commentary necessary to enrich lessons.

Access Control Prevent unwanted connections with a number of access-restricting settings, and use the Reflector Director® companion application to choose who's sharing.


BYOD Ready Reflector accepts connections from Google Cast™ and AirPlay™-enabled devices. Display Android tablets and iPads™ at the same time!

Disconnect without Disengaging Reflector is completely wireless. Teachers can move freely throughout the room and share their presentations while students beam their work to the big screen from their desks.

Easy Connections Reflector is designed to work great on school networks and offers a number of different connection options.


Having trouble connecting to Reflector on your school network? Contact our dedicated support team or use our online knowledge base!