Reflector in Business

Not all conference and meeting rooms are equipped with the adapters and cables needed to share screens. Adding Reflector to the mix makes finding the right connector and input source a thing of the past.

Reflector wirelessly receives your iPad™, iPhone™ or Google Cast™-enabled device screens instantly, streamlining your meetings. Everyone in the room can see your screen, and you’re not tied down by wires.

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Include Everyone Involve more than one presenter at a time for more depth, and mirror devices side-by-side for instant comparison.

Keep Meetings Safe Prevent unwanted connections with a number of access-restricting settings. Keep your audience focused and invested in your presentation.

Easy Connections Reflector is designed to work in diverse environments. Connect to Reflector with Quick Connect Codes™ to work around complicated networks.


Use Your Preferred Devices Diverse business environments occasionally call for a multitude of devices. Reflector accepts connections from a variety of popular devices. Connect Android™ devices, iPads, iPhones, computers and more.

Simplify Training and Sales Record your device to create training materials, educational videos or sales demonstrations. Include your voice or frames for a more finished experience.


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