Reflector is an advanced AirPlay receiver that works in any environment.

Reflector connects iPods, iPads and iPhones to computers and projectors. It is an AirPlay receiver designed to display hand-held devices in front of audiences on a larger screen. Reflector can flip the classroom or help business professionals present ideas and proposals from their mobile devices. In the living room, Reflector is entertaining gamers and video enthusiasts and being used as an AirPlay audio receiver for music. Reflector is even used by other app developers to wirelessly display and demonstrate their work.

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Introducing the fully interactive classroom.

Do you have iPads in the classroom? Reflector allows educators and students to wirelessly display iPads on a projector or smart board. Students can wirelessly present homework, and teachers can share iPads during presentations, untethering from the desk or podium. Reflector supports multiple device mirroring, so students can compare work, show their work without interrupting the presentation or complete work side-by-side in real time. Password protect Reflector to prevent unwanted connections and record iPad or iPhone sessions for later viewing. Reflector is helping to revolutionize the interactive classroom.

How do educators feel about Reflector?

"The iPad can be handed around to students for demonstration of an app, showcasing an online process, and much more!"

– Kathy Shrock,
Director of District Technology

"The best money spent on my own classroom this year and now I will always have it."

– @lonheim

"I've used @ReflectorApp to create iPad tutorials for my staff! Great way to get the class engaged with an app as well!"

– @rpetitto


AirPlay mirror your iPad or iPhone in the conference room.

Connect an iPad or iPhone to a projector with Reflector for powerful presentations. Launch Reflector in full screen to ensure a professional look and minimize distractions. Reflector enhances collaborative meetings as well. It makes any computer an AirPlay receiver, so anyone in the room can stream their iPad or iPhone to a projector, smart board or HDTV. Multiple devices can be mirrored for side-by-side comparison and collaboration. You can even record iPhone and iPad streams!

How do businesses feel about Reflector?

"When it comes to app sales and demonstration, being able to mirror our iPads isn't just necessary, it's mission critical. This makes the Reflector app an integral part of our business."


"Reflector app gives you the convenience of moving freely around the room... while seamlessly mirroring the iPad screen onto a big presentation screen."

– Soft Technics

"I am so impressed by your company and products! Today we mirrored 2 iPads and an iPhone on the screen! Why? Just because we can!"

– @mmdanion


Stream music, videos, and games from your iPhone and iPad.

Reflector allows anyone to share videos and photos from an iPad, iPod or iPhone. Use reflector as an Audio AirPlay receiver, and choose to share only audio from iTunes or other music sources. Reflector even transforms your Mac or PC into a gaming console! Play mobile games in full screen mode, or compete with friends by sharing both of your feeds on the same screen. You can even record your iPad or iPhone for highlight reels and tutorials!

How do people feel about Reflector?

"By cons Reflection can play all the iOS games on his computer , while keeping the touch as gameplay. We tried all kinds of games, and Reflection is doing rather well."

– Application iPhone

"For anyone who doesn't have an Apple TV (Reflector) provides a great way to watch movies, TV shows, or videos from your iPad 2 on a bigger screen."


"Real Racing 2 really shine when it comes to Reflector. You can have your iPhone as the controller and view your car on your Mac."



Wirelessly demo your app with AirPlay mirroring.

Reflector allows you to wirelessly demonstrate app functionality to coworkers and clients. Display your iPad or iPod on a projector for presentations, or beam your mobile device to another computer for a quick demo. Selectable device frames add realistic depth to your previews, and the recording function helps you nitpick details and create walkthroughs for your final product!

How do developers feel about Reflector?

"Great for making app tutorial or iPad gameplay videos"

– Moobit Media

"Just tried out @ReflectorApp and it worked perfectly with zero effort on my part, love that."

– @gshackles

"My job just got easier! Reflector allows me to mirror iDevices to my Mac when AppleTV is not available. Great for sharing ideas.

– @Amrein2