How to Mirror iPhone to Mac

Reflector 2 allows you to easily display your iPhone screen on a Mac. Because Reflector 2 is a receiver it can also mirror iPad on Mac!

1. First, you’ll need to install Reflector 2 on your Mac.

Download and use a free trial of our live streaming software for seven days, or if you’ve already purchased, you can download here.

Follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Once installed, launch the app.

2. Connect your Mac and your iPhone to the same wireless network.

3. On your iPhone, swipe up on your iPhone screen to reveal the control center.

4. Tap the AirPlay option.

It’s to the right of the AirDrop option and only appears if an AirPlay destination (Reflector 2 in this case) is available. You will be prompted with a list of destinations.

5. Select your Mac’s name from the list.

6. Tap the mirroring toggle below the Mac name to begin mirroring.

6. Your iPhone screen should appear on your Mac.

Reflector 2 is a great way to display iPhones on any Mac. It even allows you to mirror iPad screens. A number of features are available, too. Try recording, multiple device mirroring, YouTube Live streaming and more!