Want to know the differences between Reflector 3, Reflector Teacher and Reflector for Android/Fire TV? We have the answers you’re looking for.

  Reflector 3 Reflector Teacher Reflector for Android Reflector for Fire TV
Receive iOS Connections
Connect with AirParrot 2
Receive Android Connections    
Receive Miracast Connections*    
Receive Chromebook Connections    
Stream Music and Videos
Display Photos
Receive Multiple Devices Simultaneously
Set an AirPlay Password
Receive Audio Streams
Show Devices in Full-Screen Mode
Smart Layouts
Always On-Top Mode
Show/Hide a Connected Device    
Emphasize a Device    
Show Frames Around Connected Devices    
Prompt to Show Connected Devices    
Record Connected Screens    
Include Voice-Over Audio in Recordings    
Stream Devices to YouTube Live    
Include Webcam Video in Recordings    
Make App Store Ready Recordings    
Record Multiple Connected Devices    
Take Full-Resolution Device Screenshots    
Use On-Screen AirPlay Codes    
See Screen Previews    
Use Quick Connect    
Use With Reflector Director      
Use With Reflector Student      
Preconfigured for Classrooms      
Free 7-Day Trial    
Use on Android Devices      
Use on Amazon Fire TV      

* Miracast is not available on macOS.