Screen mirroring designed with students
and IT administrators in mind

One-click mirroring with no wires.


Screen mirroring in K-12 Schools

Ditto makes screen mirroring easy. It allows any student or teacher to wirelessly mirror their computer screen regardless of the operating system without adding any software or apps to their devices. Ditto is a cloud-based solution that makes screen mirroring as simple as typing a word to begin.

Computers are commonplace in schools today, and much of the content created by students is digital. Some schools are 1:1 with student computers while others provide labs for student use. Regardless of computer type or setting, Ditto eliminates confusion by automatically knowing which screen to connect to.

Works with any Network

Issues arising from complicated and restrictive school networks are a thing of the past. Ditto works across subnets and doesn't require Bonjour or other network discovery services.

Secure screen mirroring

Ditto uses a direct connection between the sender and the receiver and doesn't transmit screen content or other personal data across the internet. Security options on supported receivers work as they would with any other device asking to mirror content.

Common Receivers

Schools are complex technology ecosystems. That's why we made Ditto work with today's most popular receivers.

Ditto is a diverse and secure screen mirroring solution for any school.


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