Smart Screen Sharing for the Workplace

No wires. No software management. No hiccups.

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Unlimited Wireless Screen Sharing on Any Mac or PC

Businesses, hotels, schools and conference centers use Ditto to make screen sharing in meeting spaces easy.

Ditto can be used in any meeting space that has an Apple TV or Chromecast. Any employee or guest can securely share their computer screen to the big screen without wires, searching the entire network for the correct display or purchasing a software license.

Mac users can share to Chromecast. Windows users can share to Apple TV. And vice versa.

Simplify screen sharing with Ditto!

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How It WorksDitto assigns a unique identification code to each Apple TV or Chromecast in your workplace. To begin sharing their screen, a user must simply enter this code. Ditto knows which screen they’re trying to connect to and handles the rest.

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