Make Student Devices Teacher Friendly

ClassHub gives teachers the suite of easy-to-use tools they need to keep class on track, engaged and collaborative. Share screens. Monitor activity. Push content. And more!

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Keep Students Safe and On Track

Use ClassHub to evaluate student performance in real time, monitor for potentially harmful content and adjust instruction as needed.

  • Screen Monitoring

    View any number of devices at the same time. See how students are doing on an assignment or if they got sidetracked along the way. Learn more.

  • Lock Devices

    Lock an individual device or all devices at the same time. Command attention and limit distractions.

Collaborate Wirelessly

Wirelessly share content from any device in the classroom to ensure everyone is on the same digital page.

Screen Push

Teachers can wirelessly send their screen to every device in the class. Make content accessible for students regardless of where they’re seated.

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Screen Mirroring

Wirelessly send a student device screen to the primary classroom display. Allow students to easily share work without moving or huddling around a small device screen.

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Guide Lessons

Decide what students see, how they see it and when they see it.

  • App Lock
  • Push Websites
  • Send Alerts
  • Manage Apps on Devices

Lock student devices into a specific app. Maintain student focus by locking their devices into the app that’s relevant to a lesson.

Open a website across student devices. Save time and eliminate user errors when directing students to a website.

Send custom messages to student devices. Provide class updates and instructional tips without disrupting the entire class.

Install and remove apps on student devices. Manage apps on student devices without assistance from administrators.

Highly Compatible

ClassHub allows you to manage student devices in any classroom environment. You’re in control whether you teach in a 1:1, BYOD, cart or lab setting. ClassHub works with 97% of the student devices deployed in U.S. schools including Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Surface Pros, Mac and Windows computers.
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Professional Development

Our Professional Development team is ready to assist you with onboarding and continued training. As part of the onboarding process, you can book on-site training to make sure every teacher knows how to use ClassHub to its full potential.


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