Improve Classroom Instruction With Screen Push

Make sure every student is on the same digital page with ClassHub.

Screen Push

Screen push is a ClassHub action that allows teachers to wirelessly display their computer screen on student devices.

Screen Push in The Classroom

Students often complete projects that require them to move around the classroom and work in groups. A teacher may need to talk over the working students or display instructions on a projector that’s difficult to see from all corners of the classroom. Instead, teachers can use ClassHub to “push” instructions and important content from their computer directly to one or more student devices.

Face-To-Face Instruction

Screen push increases teacher face time with students. Rather than standing behind a projector or computer, a teacher can push content to student devices and then walk around the room to discuss the material.

Ideal for Alternative Classroom Design

Classrooms are now designed to be more flexible and collaborative. With ClassHub screen push, seating arrangements can prioritize collaboration and face-to-face interaction instead of projector or whiteboard visibility.

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